Brandeis International Business School

Teaching, Learning & Research Support

Important Updates and Links

  • Center for Teaching and Learning
    The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) supports the teaching success of all members of the Brandeis community.  Visit their webpage for up-to-date information that may help with your teaching needs.
  • Learn LATTE Course 
    Includes detailed steps course setup, managing course participants, adding learning resources, adding learning activities, organizing the learning experience, assessing student learning, student communications, grading, the gradebook, and resources for online classes.
  • Zoom Web Conferencing
    Zoom offers many functions for use in classrooms and meetings including comprehensive ADA compliance tools.  Some options are available out of the box, others require setup. View the ink above to see all zoom options available to you.
  • Google products may be restricted in countries some countries
    Please be aware that Google Systems, including YouTube, are unavailable in China and may be in some other countries.  If you want to post videos for your students to see, you should use ZOOM or Echo360.  To post other recordings, you may use your Brandeis BOX account. For more information, please email
  • The Faculty Support Services document outlines the types of support provided by each faculty support area on campus.

Research Support

The links below will take you to various research support options at Brandeis.

  • Business & Economics Guide
    University and school resources to assist with research and other areas of instruction and learning
  • Archer & Odin Research Servers at the Business School
    Linux research servers hosting Matlab Multicore, STATA MP, Python, R and more. To learn more, click the link to submit a request to the International Business School Technology Office.
  • Factset
    Factset allows users to analyze companies, portfolios, markets, and economies by accessing data and analytics on global financial and economics markets and companies.  The system includes financial data on 70,000+ public and private companies worldwide and about 2,000 historical financial metrics for over 70 countries and integrates real-time global news and quotes into the FactSet desktop application.  Please click the link above to sign up for your Factset account (using your email address)!
  • High Power Computing Cluster (HPCC)
  • Bloomberg Terminals
    The Business & Economics Lab at the Lemberg Academic Center holds 11 Bloomberg Terminals for use by Brandeis students and employees.  Additional terminals are installed in each of the main Sachar and Lemberg classrooms

  • Qualtrics
    Qualtrics is a robust online survey tool for research or information-gathering needs. It can be used by anyone at Brandeis to perform detailed polls and much more. 
  • Library Workshops
    The Brandeis Library holds workshops for many different professional programs, software and more.  Direct your students to the Libary to sign up for workshops on R/R Studio, Stata, Matlab, SQL, citation management, research strategies, data analysis and management, GIS, software for quantitative and qualitative analysis, primary sources, subject-specific resources, media production, 3D printing, soldering and more
  • Other research support options
    Archives and Special Collections, Digital Creation Services, Data Services and more.

Learning and Assessment

Supporting learning
For each course you teach this semester, both undergraduate and graduate, please think about the following:
  • What the topics are for the rest of the term
  • How grading schemes may change
  • How the final exam will be administered if face-to-face exams are not permitted
  • Anything else relevant for your course

Actions (per course)

Completing the assessment

Managing grades:
Please upload all of your grades to your Latte page. This will facilitate transferring your duties and records should that become necessary. Importing Excel grade sheets into the Latte GRADEBOOK is straightforward. See Import/Export Grades in Latte

Actions (per course):

  • Make sure your grades are up to date right now.
  • Get your current grades into Latte.

Managing Final Exams:

International Business School Technology Help Desk

Sachar Help Desk, Sachar 102
781-736-4853 (ext. 64853)

Goldfarb Help Desk, Library 1st Floor
781-736-HELP (4357 or ext. 64357)