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ITS offers the Zoom web-conferencing platform to the Brandeis community to help you communicate and collaborate with colleagues and peers across campus or across the world. Web conferencing allows people to meet in virtual meeting rooms, reducing the cost and hassle of travel.

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New Users: Click "Login" above to open your account.

Existing users: Log in with your Brandeis username and password and you will automatically be provisioned an account. Watch a training video with step-by-step instructions for setting up your account.

Security Notice

Zoom is equipped with various tools to keep your meetings safe and secure. To enhance the safety of Zoom meetings, it's advisable to use features such as password protection, waiting rooms, secure meeting links, and the latest security updates provided by the platform. Please review Zoom Security Resources page for more information on how to keep your meetings safe.


Getting Started

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Hosting a meeting for a large audience (up to 1,000 people)? A Zoom webinar allows you to broadcast your event to a larger audience while maintaining a safe and secure environment. Learn more about Zoom Webinars.