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Student Testimonials

Here what students and alumni have to say about their GPS experience! Submit the form below to learn more about your area of interest.


"When I have had questions or just needed a different perspective, the instructors are accessible, responsive, and helpful. What I like most is they do not necessarily provide the answer, but teach me how to find it. Your commitment to doing the work pays off when the time flies and you really are having fun learning and working with the instructors and other students. You know you made the right choice. That is what my experience at Brandeis GPS has been so far."
-Bart Politica, Alum, MS in Health and Medical Informatics

"As I progressed through the curriculum at Brandeis, my new found knowledge was noticed and appreciated at work. At times, it even caused exclamations of surprise from my manager at my ability to clearly understand and troubleshoot technical issues that had stumped other members of our team."
- Megan Olvera, Alum, MS in Information Security Leadership

"Graduate school does not have to be a life-consuming event, nor should it be. There is much to be enjoyed in life, such as home-ownership, vacations, and the pursuit of personal goals. Not having to sacrifice other opportunities meant everything to me. Brandeis GPS was and is the key to this ever-important balance of life and learning."
- Tom Burt, Alum, MS in Project and Program Management
"Obtaining a master's degree in Project and Program Management at Brandeis University was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The structure of the online courses was quite flexible and fit into my crazy work schedule. I found each class very valuable not only to my profession, but I'm also able to use the skills acquired from the courses outside of work."
- Amyntrah Maxwell, Alum, MS in Project and Program Management
The courses offered relevant examples that are vital to my studies of informatics in healthcare. The professors and students shared their valuable real-world experiences which reached well-beyond the required readings. I feel confident in all the knowledge I have learned from this program. 
Brandeis was tremendously flexible with my needs and helped me during my times of personal hardship. My engaging student advisor guided the path every step of the way. This university is not just an establishment, it's a community which fosters learning, wonderful communication, and endless support. Although my program was completed online, I never once felt alone in my journey to accomplishing something great.
-Angela Dalembert, Alum, MS in Health and Medical Informatics

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