Department of History

Brian Donahue Elected Member of the American Antiquarian Society

December 2, 2016

Brian DonahueCongratulations to Prof. Brian Donahue for his recent election to the membership of the American Antiquarian Society. Professor Donahue's research focuses on the prospects of human engagement with the land, in particular, New England's farm and forest history. His election to the membership of the American Antiquarian Society is an honor bestowed by his colleagues in recognition of his scholarship and for exceptional contributions to community or national leadership in humanistic affairs.

The Society's current membership includes scholars, educators, publishers, collectors, cultural administrators, civic leaders, journalists, writers, and filmmakers, as well as lay persons with an interest in the field of American history. Fourteen presidents of the United States have been members, and AAS members have been awarded over sixty Pulitzer Prizes and over fifty Bancroft Prizes for their work. Members have been elected from every region of our nation and from thirty-three foreign countries. With his election, Professor Donahue joins the ranks of other prominent historians, including David Hackett Fischer, University Professor and Earl Warren Professor of History, and former Brandeis History Department Chair Jane Kamensky, now at Harvard.