Program Highlights

Hornstein students walking on Brandeis campus give thumbs up!

The Hornstein Program is unique in its integrated, academic structure with program highlights that include study seminars in Israel, New York City and/or Washington, D.C., fieldwork opportunities, co-curriculars for meaningful student skills-building, career placement assistance and a plethora of networking opportunities within a strong and committed Jewish community.

“For me, our Team Consulting Project (TCP) at the end of Hornstein/Heller was the learning experience that I continue to reference. Our team was faced with the question "Should Ramah DC invest in a new property for their ever expanding day camp?" Through my research for that project, I learned how to do a demographic study, how to consult with an organization to make decisions that are authentic and appropriate to their brand, and how to work together as a team to find a data-based solution. In my current role as Director of Youth and Teen Engagement at the Shames JCC on the Hudson, I have used similar skills to grow our camp brand in authentic, relational, data-based ways, and have been able to work as a consultant to improve our after-school program towards excellence in the field.”

Kayla Reisman, MA/MBA '18

Director of Youth and Teen Engagement, Shames JCC