Hornstein Jewish Professional Leadership Program

Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Jewish Professional Leadership

Hornstein BA/MA degree supplements undergraduate study in any discipline. It is designed for those who seek to work in the Jewish community or pursue further graduate study in a field related to Jewish studies.

Achieved in a fifth (graduate) year of study, our master's degree will give you both professional leadership skills and knowledge of the American and world Jewish communities to position you for work in a range of careers in the Jewish community.

Why Brandeis?

Founded in the year of Israel’s independence, Brandeis is a secular, research-intensive university that is built on the foundation of Jewish history and experience and dedicated to Jewish values such as a respect for scholarship, critical thinking and making a positive difference in the world.

We are home to one of the oldest and largest Jewish studies programs outside of the State of Israel as well as many related centers and institutes. Our library houses one of the best collections of Hebraica and Judaica in the nation.

Careers and Alumni

Our BA/MA graduates are well prepared for leadership positions within the Jewish community, in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, as well as for doctoral work in Jewish or related studies.


Over 21 months (four and a half semesters, including the summer between years one and two), you’ll take Hornstein courses totaling 36 credits (16-18 during your undergraduate years), four NEJS credits for the final project and electives totaling 20 credits, or 56 credits in all. Elective courses are taken during the summer, fall and spring following the senior undergraduate year, and must be at or above the 100 level. By the time of graduation, you’ll be required to demonstrate proficiency in modern Hebrew.

In addition to taking academic courses, you’ll also gain professional experience in the field and travel to Jewish communities around the world, from New York to Israel to locations farther afield.

Financial Aid and Scholarship

We offer generous tuition assistance, with no special financial aid application procedures. We also encourage you to apply for external scholarship programs.