Summer Storage

The ISSO and the Department of Community Living (DCL) coordinate the offering of limited on-campus summer storage space for enrolled international undergraduate students returning to campus for the next academic year. 

Storage space is available on a first-come, first-served basis through an online signup process (conducted in April) to provide a fair opportunity to all eligible students to qualify for an on-campus summer storage space. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee an on-campus storage space to all qualified students (currently, there are approximately 75 spaces available).

Information about Summer Storage for International Undergraduate Students procedures is shared in April each year to all international undergraduate students via ISSOnews. 

General Notes about Summer Storage

Off-Campus Storage Options

If you do not secure an on-campus storage space, or require more storage than provided on-campus, it is recommended to reach out to Storage Squad, which has a relationship with Brandeis University's Student Service Bureau (SSB). You can contact the Student Service Bureau by email or visit their website for more information.