From an early age, Helmut Hirsch displayed an aptitude and talent for art, particularly drawing. This selection of sketches, drawings, and paintings are from the years of childhood until his death.

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Watercolor of a man with a hiking stick emerging from the forest approaching a little elf like man with long white beard, red cloak and hat and a large stick standing in front of a red and white pole with direction signs saying "Boblingen" and "Vaihingen."

Watercolor, 1927-1928

Pencil and crayon drawing of a knight in armor riding on a horse.

Drawing of a Knight, 1924-1926

Drawing of a man with a pipe wearing an apron, viewed from the side

Man with Pipe, 1924-26

Color drawing of storks in a nest on the roof of a house. A little boy plays in the backyard by a fence.

Storks on House, 1929

Color drawing of a kite with an Asian face and mustache. It is flying high above a bridge over a river, an intersection and 2 buildings and mountains in the distance.

Kite, 1928

Color drawing of a woman bent over a washtub seen from behind.  She is only visible from the waist down.

Washerwoman at Tub, 1928

Color drawing of an airplane with text that reads: "v.Richthofen der Rote Kampfflieger

Airplane v.Richthofen, 1930-34

Drawing of a streetlight and a tree branch drawn at an oblique angle

[Streetlight?], undated

Watercolor of a blue vase with large red flowers

Vase of Red Flowers, 1932

Ink drawing of a man with a bow and arrow

Man with Bow & Arrow, undated