Helmut Hirsch wrote poetry throughout his life. Frequently he incorporated his poems and drawings together in small books as gifts for family and friends.

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Color drawing of a man and woman sitting at a picnic table near a tree and butterfly. The man wears a helmet and his arm is around the woman.  A glass of beer sits on the table beside him.

Stuttgart, 1936

A drawing of a tamborine and the words "Der Song vom Gong"

Der Song vom Gong, undated

A page from Hirsch's book "Der Sonntag des Herrn Klette" with handwritten text and two illustrations of a man sleeping.

Der Sonntag des Herrn Klette: Hirsch created this book as a gift for his parents in 1932.

A typewritten poem Hirsch wrote to his girlfriend.  The first line reads: "Vally Petrova...such a beautiful pure love," followed by the poem.

Poem to Vally: Hirsch wrote this poem to Vally Petrova, his girlfriend at the time of his death.