Prosthetics club member with RTI Director Ian Roy.

Prosthetics Club

Once a club for airplane enthusiasts (people who fly manned gliders), the Aviation Club has been resurrected with a focus on unmanned aerial systems, colloquially referred to as “drones.”

Brandeis' umbrella technology club – Brandeis Initiative for Technology, Machines, Apps, and Programming – and organizers of Codestellation, Brandeis' biggest software and hardware hackathon.

Deis3D works with 3D printers and has weekly meetings where they discover a range of topics varying from the latest software toolsets in Computer Assisted Design to the newest hardware and its novel approach to 3D printing.

The Prosthesis Club challenges traditional prosthetic technology by utilizing 3D technology. They engage in activities with physically disabled children, learn how to build prosthetics and think about ways to improve the open source platform.

The Robotics Club aims to teach robotics platforms and concepts to the Brandeis community. They also compete in robot competitions.

The Virtual Reality (VR) and Game Development club seeks to combine the latest VR hardware technologies with the latest VR software toolsets. They also focus on game development and educating students on the latest software design principles and production.