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Research Technology and Innovation Service Catalog

MakerLab (Digital Fabrication Hub)

Managed by Greg Buckland (

Automation Lab (Robotics and Embedded systems Workspace)

A place where faculty, students, staff, researchers, and other Brandeis community members can come to rapid-prototype electronic for sensor data collection and actuation systems with rentable gear, step-by-step guides, back-end equipment, and weekly trainings.

Managed by Timothy Hebert (

Digital Scholarship Lab (Humanities & Social Science Digital Project and Research Workspace)

This lab is for projects that require more computational work: crunching data sets, rendering complex geometries, creating virtual experiences, or coding that requires a larger display. Integrate this lab into your work with other BDI spaces (e.g. CAD or VR simulation in the Makerspace).  Our tools include matlab, GIS, 3D scanning and 3D rendering, unity, unreal engine; data analysis, coding, or simulation software.

Managed by Dr. Natalie Susmann (

Engineering Classroom (Ableson 401): Active Learning Classroom & Design Studio

This Lab was created in the summer of 2023 to support Brandeis’s new Engineering Program. It is a joint effort between the Physics Department and the Brandeis MakerLab (The BDI department). 
The purpose of this Classroom Lab is to create an Active Learning Classroom to support the Engineering Major at Brandeis University. It contains a strong kit of rapid prototyping machines and materials designed to allow students to build things using CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing) workflows - as well as to enable Design Thinking and ideation.
The space seats 20 students on modular butcher block tables, and is surrounded by whiteboards, including a mock-up/pin-up space in the hallway. There are power and ventilation drops in the ceiling - and strong ventilation and dust collection systems for the machines around their perimeter. In the front of the classroom there is a 10 foot projection screen with a document camera for doing live demonstrations of fine tasks.

Managed by Ian Roy ( Book a consultation here.

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Software Related (RTI), Design Work (RTI), Outreach (RTI), Ethos (RTI)

We do not do design as a service, we train & consult with people on how to design.