Deis 3D

Deis 3D club members showing printed models.

Chartered in Spring 2014, Deis3D works with 3D printers and has weekly meetings where they discover a range of topics varying from the latest software toolsets in Computer Assisted Design to the newest hardware and its novel approach to 3D printing. Club members can use a variety of materials, including bamboo, stainless steel and magnetic iron, while 3D printing.

Deis3D also partners with local groups to assist in projects or run workshops, like the 3D Printed Glasses for Kids workshop at the Prospect Hill Community Center.

Each year the club makes a list of the newest 3D printers they want to purchase and any hardware upgrades they would like to install on older models, chasing the edge of 3D printing technology. They use this technology not only to push the edge of what is possible in the MakerLab, but also to support projects from other groups across campus.