Brandeis Design and Innovation

Virtual Reality/Game Development Club

VR/Game development club members.

Chartered in Fall 2015, the Virtual Reality (VR) and Game Development club is a very active Unity development group.

The club seeks to combine the latest VR hardware technologies with the latest VR software toolsets. They have assisted in projects to build virtual copies of the Rose Art Museum, the House of Verratti in Pompeii, ancient object galleries for the Classics department, and have introduced a generation of Brandeis students to the possibilities of head mounted display-based VR.

The club also seeks to educate students in the latest software design principles and production by hosting workshops focused on CAD, sound design, programming principles, and UI design. Overall, ongoing projects include a queue ADT based game, a project focused on dementia research, and turning environments into VR experiences.


Weekly meetings are held 6–7 p.m. on Fridays in Farber 101 Classroom.