Application Process

To be considered for the Science Posse Scholarship, students must be nominated by high schools or nonprofit organizations in New York City. They are chosen for their academic success, leadership skills and demonstrated interest in the sciences.

The selection process emphasizes leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills rather than the traditional admissions metrics of standardized test scores such as the ACT or SAT and grades.

The Dynamic Assessment Process, a group interview with guided activities, allows trained observers to identify the students with outstanding communication and problem-solving skills. These students are invited to individual interviews with Posse staff members. Following these interviews, a group of about 20 finalists is selected.

Brandeis and Posse Foundation representatives conduct another group interview with the finalists, who are in their senior year of high school. In mid-December, a final cohort of 10 Science Posse Scholars is selected.

The typical application and selection process is as follows:

August and September

School and community organizations nominate outstanding student leaders for the Posse Scholarship.

September and October

Dynamic Assessment Process (DAP): Students are identified for leadership and communication skills.

October and November

Individual interviews with students selected from DAP; students express interest in joining the Science Posse Scholars program.

Early December

Finalist pool for Brandeis Science Posse is created.


Brandeis Science Posse Scholars are selected.

January to August

Pre-Collegiate Training


Begin first year at Brandeis