Pre-Collegiate Training

Brandeis Science Posse Scholars participate in an eight-month, pre-collegiate training program, which takes place weekly from January through August of their senior year of high school. The program includes four science workshops conducted by Brandeis faculty, and emphasizes team building, leadership development and problem-solving skills.

In July, the Scholars come to campus for a 12-day Summer Science Immersion Program. Introducing students to the rigors of studying science at an elite institution, the program includes lectures, laboratories, problem sets and exams, and a poster session at which students present their research on a scientific topic. Scholars meet with science faculty, academic and nonacademic support staff and become familiar with Brandeis, Waltham and Boston.


Below is a summary of pre-collegiate activities. All are mandatory unless noted otherwise.

January through August of senior year of high school

Weekly Pre-Collegiate Training (PCT) with Posse staff, emphasizing leadership and communication skills; 2 hours/week

February, March, April

Four STEM workshops within PCT are devoted to science: 1 chemistry, 2 biology, 1 math; 2 hours/workshop


Summer Science Immersion Program (12 days). The Summer Science Immersion Program is designed to give students an understanding of the excitement and challenges of studying science within a research university. Rather than focusing on mastery of specific course content, the Summer Science Immersion Program helps students understand the intensity of college-level science classes, the rigor of university lab assignments, grading on a curve, and time-management. The program culminates with a poster presentation open to the entire Brandeis community on a research area of the scholar's choice.

September through May for the first two years of college

Weekly group meetings of the scholars emphasizing leadership skills and the transition to college; 2 hours/week

September through May for the first two years of college

Individual meetings with the Science Posse Mentor; 1 hour every other week

Term-time and/or summer

Research Lab Experience; time commitment varies; optional