Mentoring Support

A professor works with a student in a lab, while another student does work on his own.

Each Posse is assigned a mentor who is a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow in the sciences. Posse Scholars meet weekly as a cohort and every other week individually with their mentor over the first two years of college.

Science Posse Scholars also have an opportunity to work in a faculty member's research lab. Like mentoring, participating in a research lab has been found to increase retention in STEM. All interested Science Posse Scholars are offered paid positions in a Brandeis research lab. Science Posse Scholars are also assisted in finding summer research positions, either at Brandeis or at other institutions.

"I have been the minority in undergraduate science and I understand how hard it is. Mentoring [the] Brandeis Science Posse gave me the opportunity to contribute to changing the face of science. These scholars are diverse, passionate, bright, and they have incredible goals. As their mentor, I encouraged them and helped them design ways to surmount the challenges they face. Their perseverance and determination is incredible. As leaders, they encourage others to face challenges and find creative ways to overcome them.

I'm proud of what they accomplish every semester, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of Brandeis Science Posse." — Cara Pina, PhD’16