Brandeis Posse Scholars


The Brandeis Science Posse is open to New York City high-school students who wish to pursue a scientific discipline and have outstanding academic and leadership potential.

Those who wish to be considered for Brandeis Science Posse should speak to a science teacher or leader of an extracurricular science program about being nominated.

Students who participate in the selection process but are not chosen for the Science Posse are still eligible for admission to Brandeis, and several candidates who have been admitted through this route are currently attending Brandeis.

The selection process for Science Posse is rigorous; however, not all Posse Scholars would probably be admitted to Brandeis through the traditional admissions process.

Although the program has no explicit racial or ethnic criteria for selection, Posse Scholars to date have been overwhelmingly underrepresented minority (URM) students, first-generation college and/or low-income students, all factors that have been found to negatively impact retention in STEM.