Council of the Graduate School

VI.C.2.b. The Council of the Graduate School

b. The Council of the Graduate School considers matters related to doctoral programs in all schools and Arts and Sciences master’s degree programs (except for “professional” Arts and Sciences master’s degree programs). Subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees, the Council of the Graduate School recommends the establishment or discontinuation of such graduate degree programs and their requirements. The Council reviews proposals with respect to these degree programs; makes recommendations for the award of advanced degrees in these programs; and formulates, subject to the approval of the Provost and the appropriate school Dean, regulations governing these programs. The Dean of Arts and Sciences ensures that changes in the graduate curriculum that have important consequences for undergraduate education are brought to the attention of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee for review.

 Membership 2020-21

Eric Chasalow (chair) Laura Miller (Spring)
Faculty: Tom Pochapsky (Spring)
Ulka Anjaria David Rakowski (Spring)
Olivier Bernardi Dagmar Ringe
Susan Birren Klaus Schmidt-Rohr (Fall)
Linda Bui Gretchen Schneider
Yu-Hui Chang (Fall) Umrao Sethi
Yu Feng Neil Simister
Ariel Freiberg Amy Singer
Emily Frey Ellen Smith
Caitlin Gillespie  Javier Urcid
Lotus Goldberg Nianwen Xue
Jill Greenlee Darren Zinner
Angela Gutchess Staff:
Karen Hansen (Fall) Maryanna Aldrich
Matthew Headrick Jessica Basile
Danielle Igra Alyssa Stalsberg Canelli
Laura Jockusch Richard Cunnane
Susan Lichtman Jaclyn Farina
Xiaodong Liu Kate Goldfield
Keridwen Luis Mark Hewitt
Mike Marr Kate Stutz
Maria Miara Elaine Wong