Online Faculty Activity Report

The Office of the Provost, in conjunction with Information Technology Services, has designed an online report that is accessible from on or off campus and that contains relevant information from the Office of the Registrar, Office of Research Administration and the Faculty Guide.

The information below includes helpful tips for each section of the report. To access the online activity report, login to Sage and, under the "Faculty Data" tab, choose the "Faculty Activity Report" link.


To navigate to the activity report sections, choose a desired section in the "Jump to" dropdown menu found at the top and the bottom of each page or choose a "next" or "previous" arrow to navigate to sections prior to, or following, the current section.

Recommended Browsers

Popup blockers must be disabled in all web browsers. Choose "Preferences," "Options" or "Tools" menu within the web browser and deselect the option to "Block Popup Windows."

Help Support

The provost's office, the deans' offices and Information Technology Services offers support to assist you during the activity report process (see below). The online instructions within the activity report are designed to walk you through each step, but we understand that more help may be needed.

For questions relating to activity report content or deadlines, contact your dean's office or the provost's office as follows:

Office Contact (email) Phone Number
Dean's Office, Brandeis International Business School

Kelly Forde

Dean's Office, Heller School for Social Policy and Management Joanne Beswick 781-736-3931
Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences Josette McWilliams 781-736-3454
Office of the Provost Kristen Wasielewski 781-736-2101

For technical questions, submit a Help Desk ticket (login required).

Printing/Print Preview

The "Print Preview" link will open in a separate browser window, allowing you to view (and print) the entire activity report in the "Finish/Print/Submit" section. Keep in mind that you will have to close the print preview window to return to the activity report. If you are on a PC and the "Print Preview" option is not working, press both the Control key (CNTL) and the "Print Preview" link. This will momentarily disable pop-up blockers and allow you to preview the section.

Save and 'Timing Out'

Each section requires you to save your input. Please make sure to save frequently, as the system times out after 120 minutes of inactivity, and your data will not be saved automatically. Please note that information entered into a text area of the activity report is not saved until you click "Save" or tab to the next input area within the report. Either of these actions will reset the 120-minute inactivity window. You may leave the activity report and return to continue working at any time during the activity report period, but you must save all work before logging out of Sage.

Activity Report Sections