Department of Romance Studies

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Programs of Study
  • French and Francophone Studies (major/minor)
  • Hispanic Studies (major/minor)
  • Italian Studies (major/minor)
  • Portuguese

Students in the Department of Romance Studies (ROMS) examine the languages, literatures, and cultures of countries and people who speak Spanish, French, and Italian with the aim of developing cultural and linguistic proficiency, while advancing their knowledge of and respect for diverse traditions, strengthening their critical thinking skills, and becoming responsible and well-informed global citizens. Our faculty is particularly diverse, and we pride ourselves on working closely with students. Our courses offer students an interdisciplinary perspective on the world and count toward studies in a number of University programs, such as Medieval and Renaissance Studies; History of Ideas; European Cultural Studies; Film, Television, and Interactive Media; Latin American and Latino Studies; Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Religious Studies; Education Studies; International and Global Studies; Creativity, the Arts, and Social Transformation; Theater Arts; Comparative Literature and Culture; and African and Afro-American Studies.


Fernando J. Rosenberg, Chair

French and Francophone Studies

Clémentine Fauré-Bellaïche (on leave fall 2019)
Modern and contemporary French and Francophone literature and culture. History and theory of the novel. History of the body and the emotions. Vision and visual culture in nineteenth- and twentieth-century France. Religion and literary modernism.

Hollie Harder, Director of French and Italian Language Programs
French language and culture. Language pedagogy. Nineteenth- and twentieth-century French literature. Women's, gender and sexuality studies.

Gabriela Nenciu
French and Francophone Studies lecturer.

Michael Randall, Undergraduate Advising Head for French and Francophone Studies
Late medieval and Renaissance poetry, prose, and philosophy. Comparative literature. Modern politics and literature in Francophone world.

Catherine Theobald
Early modern French literature and culture. Word and image studies. Portraiture. Early modern prose forms: maxims, portraits, novels. Book illustration. Collecting practices. Québec literature and film.

Martine Voiret (on leave spring 2020)
French language and culture. Eighteenth century French literature. Women's, gender, and sexuality studies. Cinema.

Hispanic Studies

Jerónimo Arellano (on leave academic year 2019-2020)
Twentieth and twenty-first century Latin American literature. Colonial Latin American studies. Media Studies.

Andrea Delgado
Florence Levy Kay Fellow in U.S. Latinx Cultural Studies.

Elena González Ros, Director of Spanish Language Program (on leave spring 2020)
Spanish language and language pedagogy.

James Mandrell
Modern and contemporary Hispanic literature. Comparative literature. Women's, gender, and sexuality studies. Film. 

Raysa Mederos
Spanish language.

Lucía Reyes de Deu, Undergraduate Advising Head for Hispanic Studies
Latin American studies. Nineteenth century Argentine literature. Women's, gender, and sexuality studies. Spanish language and language pedagogy.

Fernando J. Rosenberg, Chair of the Department of Romance Studies
Comparative literature. Latin American modernity. Contemporary literature, film and performance. Law and literature.

Andrew Sewick
Hispanic Studies lecturer.

Kristen Turpin, Director of Spanish Language Program (spring 2020) (on leave in fall 2019)
Hispanic Studies lecturer.

Italian Studies

Paola Servino, Co-Chair and Undergraduate Advising Head, Interdepartmental Program in Italian Studies
Italian language and culture.

Silvia Monteleone
Italian language and culture.


Laura Brown
Contemporary Latin American literature. Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese languages and cultural studies. Autobiography and theories of the self.

Affiliated Faculty (contributing to the curriculum, advising and administration of the department or program)
Mark Hulliung (History)
Paul Jankowski (History)
Nancy Scott (Fine Arts)

Requirements for the Undergraduate Majors and Minors

For course offerings and requirements for the major and minor, refer to the sections found elsewhere in this Bulletin for European Cultural Studies, French and Francophone Studies, Hispanic Studies, and Italian Studies. 

Courses of Instruction