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Marion and Jasper Whiting FAQ

Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation FAQ
Who can apply for a fellowship?

Present and prospective teachers at the college or university level are welcome to apply for a Whiting Foundation fellowship. The Foundation welcomes applications from all New England colleges and universities. The aim is to stimulate and broaden the minds of teachers so as to improve and enhance the quality of their classroom instruction. Please be advised that travel for dissertation research is not allowed.

What are permissible budget expenses?

Your budget should contain travel related expenses such as transportation, lodging and meals. Applicants commonly use travel web sites such as Travelocity or Expedia to estimate transportation expenses and U.S. Department of State data to estimate lodging and meal expenses. Funds may not be used to pay tuition for courses. Expenses for equipment (cameras, computers) and materials (books) are not permissible. Funds may be used for the applicant’s expenses only. Expenses for accompanying students, assistants, and family members are not allowed. Requesting funds to be used for salary or other payments of individuals is not permissible.

Who can write a letter of recommendation?

The Foundation requires two letters of recommendation for each applicant. One letter must be written by the dean of faculty or the chairperson of the candidate’s department and the other can be from a fellow faculty member, professor or professional associate. The letters should especially address how the project will benefit the applicant’s teaching and their home institution. Supporting letters must be on official letterhead.

How should my letters of recommendation be submitted?

Our preference is to receive the completed application material, including letters of recommendation, as a single pdf. We find that this is often coordinated by the Grants Department, Office of Sponsored Programs or a similar department at your home institution. However, we understand that there may be recommenders who prefer to submit their letter directly to the Foundation. In that case, they will be accepted if emailed to and

If I am a previous winner, can I reapply?

Yes, previous grant recipients are welcome to re-apply. However, travel should be to a different location than the previous application. Please also note that the report for the prior grant must have been received by the Foundation in order to be considered.

How are funds paid?

Funds are paid directly to the college or university and the college or university must agree to distribute the funds in accordance with the budget submitted during the application process. Funds are not able to be paid directly to the recipient and no grant administration fees are permitted.

How will I know if my proposal is accepted?

All applicants will receive email notification of the status of their application.

Can you provide feedback on my proposal?

Unfortunately, the trustees do not provide specific feedback on any proposal and they do not disclose the reasons for denial.

Why was my proposal rejected?

Please note that every application has merit and the competition among all of them is strong. Requests for funding generally far exceed the funds available, so not all requests can be funded.

As stated in the annual solicitation material, “[t]he primary purpose of the Foundation is to award fellowships to present and prospective teachers, with an emphasis on present teachers at the college or university level, to enable them to study abroad or at some location or locations other than that with which they are most closely associated. The aim is to stimulate and broaden the minds of teachers so as to improve and enhance the quality of their instruction. Grants are primarily for travel and related expenses and not as salary substitutes, scholarships or grants in aid.” The trustees make decisions based on this mission established by Mr. and Mrs. Whiting.

If my proposal was funded, am I able to make changes to my budget? Am I able to make changes to my travel arrangements?

The terms of the Whiting Fellowship grant are explicit about extensions or exceptions to the awarded proposal and budget. Any deviations to the grant that was approved should be submitted in advance to the trustees with an explanation as to why the original plans are no longer feasible. Such requests may or may not be granted. If the request is to delay the trip beyond the extended May 2024 timeframe, the grantee will be asked to submit a new proposal to be reviewed along with that year’s proposals.

What if there are funds remaining upon completion of my project?


Any remaining funds should be returned to the Foundation. Please mail a check payable to the Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation to: Robert G. Bannish, Trustee; Rice, Heard & Bigelow, Inc.; One Federal Street, 25th Floor; Boston, MA 02110.