Project and Internship Site Leads

Below you will find possible internship and project site leads in various cities/areas of India. Brandeis alumni, former Brandeis-India Fellows, parents, and friends have submitted this information. You are responsible for being in contact and securing the internship just as you normally would find and apply for an internship on your own. These organizations are just possibilities — you are not limited to these, and may come up with your own organizations to work with. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Brandeis-India Fellows Program at Please let us know if you do pursue these leads, so that we can post updates as well.

Northern States

American India Foundation (AIF)

New Delhi, Delhi
Description: Philanthropy organization focused on India and based out of the United States, which over the last 10 years has implemented programs through over 150 Indian NGOs, and is funded by Americans concerned about India's development. The organization focuses on five distinct programmatic areas within the basic pillars of education, livelihood and public health. Its approach involves strategic interventions, leveraged investments and cost-effective management. 
Contact person: Payal Rajpal, Communication Manager 
Contact information:
Source: Payal Rajpal (class of 2008)


New Delhi, Delhi 
Description: Company founded by former Wall Street investment bankers to provide training and direction to business professionals and students in India. Tutoring "D" Street was created to bridge the gap between 'Theory' and 'Real-World' Practicality, by providing custom-made training programs to change the way people approach Microsoft Excel and its various functionalities. The Company provides hands-on training in Excel to professionals and students so that they can perform their day-to-day jobs with great ease and efficiency.
Contact person: Abhinav Verma 
Contact information:   
Source: Rajat Singhal (class of 2006),


Noida, Uttar Pradesh   
Description:  A social enterprise focused on supporting rural development and working with communities, primarily through entrepreneurs. It uses a "the 4C Model" to integrate its various activities. This framework has four elements - Community, Capacity, Credit and Channels. The "4C model" or "model village" works on issues related to livelihood and vocational training, promotes small rural businesses that provide livelihoods and strengthens access to rural credit.
Contact person: Monika Singh, Controller-Business Development
Contact information:  
Source: Monika Singh (class of 2005)

Hillary Clinton Nursing School

Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh
Description: The Hillary Clinton Nursing School was founded by Mr. Vinod Gupta for the purpose of providing a multi-dimensional education to disadvantaged teenagers and young adults throughout India. The school currently maintains a full-time youth hostel for about 200 students, a mess kitchen and dining hall, as well as a library and learning resource center geared towards biology, medicine, physics, and chemistry. HCN is currently accepting interns to assist in nursing education and other biotechnology and population management programs.
Contact Person: Raj Kamal
Contact Information:

Latika Royp

Dehradun, Uttarakhand 
Description:  NGO providing education and therapy for children with disabilities support for their families, awareness, and advocacy in the community. They recently opened a state-of-the-art assessment center in a busy government hospital. A first of its kind in the country, this Public Private Partnership is changing the nature of disability services in Northern India. Latika Roy looks for people who enjoy being with children and are ready to teach, play and interact with children who have special needs. In addition, the NGO looks for people fluent in Hindi, have experience with special needs children, have any special expertise, which would appeal to kids (magic, dance, music, sports, and photography) and people with photography, writing, or filmmaking skills.
Contact person: Jo Chopra, Co-founder of Latika Roy and Executive
Contact information:
Source: Suchitra Shenoy (class of 1998),


New Delhi, Delhi  
Description:  NGO pioneered by a group of young professionals, inspired by the conviction that individuals with knowledge resources and empathy for the marginalized must work with communities at the grassroots in order to help them overcome poverty. Organization works to address poverty by enhancing the livelihood capabilities of the poor and giving them access to sustainable income earning opportunities. Implements livelihood programs in five sectors: 1) promotion of self-help groups, 2) forest based livelihoods, 3) natural resource management, 4) livestock development, and 5) micro-enterprise promotion.
Contact person: Sanjay Sharma, Team Leader 
Source: Sanjay Sharma (class of 2008)

Project Aarambh, The Dove Foundation

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh  
Description:  Project Aarambh, a project of the NGO Dove Foundation works to build knowledge and capacity on HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Health among the highly marginalized and socially excluded community of bicycle rickshaw pullers in India. Presently there is no national or state level program, which is focusing on the HIV and Reproductive health of rickshaw pullers. The project is working for young migrant rickshaw pullers in the age group of 14 -40. Presently the project is running in four districts of Uttar Pradesh. The internship program involves students preparing a project report about working with socially excluded population and a documentary video. The mentor assigned to the student from The Dove Foundation during the internship would guide him/her. The Foundation would cover travel and food expenses incurred during the internship.
Contact person: Abhinav Singh, Director Programs
Contact information:

Udayan Care

New Delhi, Delhi
Description:  'Udayan', in Sanskrit, means Eternal Sunrise. Registered in 1994 as a Public Charitable Trust, Udayan Care works to empower vulnerable children, women and youth, in 13 cities across 8 states of India. Udayan care currently works on reaching out to children, youth and women in need of support focusing on orphaned or abandoned children, educational opportunities for young girls, and offering job-training opportunities to under-served youth. Their current Big Friend Little Friend Programme also pairs young adult volunteers with adolescents from urban slums in Delhi.

Udayan Care:
16/97 A, Vikram Vihar,
Lajpat Nagar-IV, New Delhi-110024
Contact person: If you have any queries about interning or volunteering there please contact Rhea Sanghi, class of 2015 at or email Udayan Care at
Contact information:


Deshpande Foundation

Hubli, Karnataka  
Description: Organization works to strengthen local ecosystems, build leaders and entrepreneurs, and catalyze innovative thinking to accelerate creation of sustainable, scalable enterprises that have significant social and economic impact. The Foundation supports more than 100 nonprofits and 12 for profits and working with the 38 academic institutions in local area to develop their experiential learning process in India and USA to work in India. Foundation is also working with several USA universities to send their students to work with the nonprofit organizations for a learning experience. It also has skill development and entrepreneurship development programs.
Contact person: Naveen Jha, CEO
Contact information:
Source: Naveen Jha (class of 2007)

Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy

Bangalore, Karnataka
Description:  NGO focused on urban governance, policy reforms and citizen engagement based in Bangalore. Organization works with communities and the government to improve the quality of life in Indian cities and towns. They define the term 'quality of life' as 'quality of urban infrastructure and services' - the quality of urban of amenities, i.e., roads, drains, traffic ,transport, water supply, etc. and as the 'quality of citizenship' - the role that urban residents play by participating in civic issues. Currently, they have 3-12 month internship opportunities (anything in between is fine). The internships are unpaid for foreign nationals; a minimal stipend can be paid to Indian nationals, if human resources agree.
Contact person: Prachee Sinha, Advocacy Associate
Source: Prachee Sinha (class of 2011)


Chennai, Tamil Nadu  
Description: Company offers travel-based leadership education programs for young people around world. The programs are designed to help young people discover the world of possibilities – both within themselves and outside – by enabling them to experience new geographies, new people, new cultures, new ways of living, and unaccustomed nature. For youth from India, the programs combine carefully chosen international travel to three continents (Asia, Africa and Europe) with experiential leadership training. For youth from abroad, MindVISA offers an India-program with flexible modules including experiential leadership training, community service opportunity and youth exchange along with travel in different regions of the country. In both cases, MindVISA normally works with schools to serve their students.
Contact person: Bade Kucukoglu, Executive Director
Contact information:  
Source: Bade Kucukoglu (class of 2006)


Alzheimer's and Related Disorders Society of India Care & Support for Dementia (ARDSI), Calcutta Chapter

Kolkata, Paschim Banga
Description: Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia affect about 3.2 million people in India. By 2016, there will be 113 million people over 60 and above. Of which 10% of them over 65 and almost half of them over 85 will have the disease. ARDSI Calcutta is dedicated to supporting and educating the community in the identification and management of dementia and related disorders.
Contact persons: Nilanjana Maulik, Director-Dementia Services, ARDSI Calcutta Chapter
Contact information:  
Source: Nilanjana Maulik (class of 1995)



Mumbai, Maharashtra  
Description: An NGO working in state run institutions called “Observation and Children's Homes.” Their focus is on transforming these institutions into a safe and rehabilitative space where children can heal and plan for a better future. Aangan focuses on children engaged in dangerous work, anti-social behavior, associated with gangs, isolated, exposed to harm at home, where child marriage or trafficking is a tradition. It works in vulnerable communities to ensure that children are safe at home and in school. Aangan has programs for girls and boys, and work with children and their families: a) developing protective neighborhood networks so children access police, school, healthcare, work opportunities, legal and community support, b) building a child's resilience through mentoring, coaching and planning around educational/vocational goals.
Contact person: Suparna Gupta, Founding Director
Contact information:
Source: Suchitra Shenoy (class of 1998)

Observer Research Foundation (ORF)

Mumbai, Maharashtra  
Description: A policy think tank that develops publications, produces documentaries and holds events that help in shaping and influencing public opinion and creating viable, alternative policy options in range of areas, including infrastructure, urban development, health, and sanitation. The think tank acts as a forum between the public system, private initiatives and the NGO sector to bring forth discussions, ideas and research work to contribute to a better India.
Contact person: Sriya Srikrishnan
Source: Sriya Srikrishnan (class of 2012)

Partners for Urban Knowledge Action and Research (PUKAR)

Mumbai, Maharashtra  
Description: An independent research collective and an urban knowledge production center that provides a platform for cross-disciplinary, multi-sector, community based research for issues related to urbanization and globalization. PUKAR aims to democratize research and broaden access to knowledge among disenfranchised or weakly institutionalized groups and to create a space from which their nontraditional and non-expert knowledge can contribute to local, national and global debates about their own futures. It promotes research as a right for everyone and uses it as tool for pedagogy, advocacy, intervention and transformation. The goal of PUKAR is to create an incubator for knowledge, debate and innovation about cities and globalization.
Contact person: Dr. Anita Patil-Deshmukh, Executive Director or Anupamaa Joshi, Grant Manager
Source: Arjun Appadurai (class of 1970), founder of PUKAR

The Society for the Promotion of Area Resource Centres (SPARC)

Mumbai, Maharashtra
Description: SPARC is an Indian NGO that supports two people's movements - the National Slum Dwellers Federation (NSDF) and Mahila Milan (MM). NSDF and MM organize tens of thousands of slum dwellers and pavement dwellers to address issues related to urban poverty, and collectively produce solutions for affordable housing and sanitation.
Contact person: Sundar Burra
Contact information:  
Source: Sundar Burra (class of 1971)

Multiple Locations

Indian Institute of Health Management Research

New Delhi, Delhi; Jaipur, Rajasthan; Bangalu, Karnataka and Kolkata, Paschim Banga
Description: The Institute has four main activities, 1) Post Graduate Program in health and Hospital Management, 2) Management development programs, and 3) Research and Consultancies. The Brandeis students can be part of research projects undergoing at IIHMR based either at Delhi or at any other campus. The student’s involvement here will be with the data collection and analysis. The Institute has many tie ups with NGOs, consultancies and with the government in health sector.
Contact person: Anupama Sharma, Assistant Professor
Contact information:
Source: Anupma Sharma (class of 2008)