South Asian Studies Program

Undergraduate Departmental Representatives

The Undergraduate Departmental Representatives program is designed to open avenues of communication between undergraduate majors/minors and departmental faculty. UDRs serve as student representatives, organize events for majors/minors and provide feedback to the department.

2022-23 UDR

picture of vishni samaraweera
Vishni Samaraweera '23
Undergraduate Departmental Representative 2020-2023
Health: Science, Society, Policy (HSSP) Major; Economics, Legal Studies, and South Asian Studies Minors
image of sandra
Sandra Charalel '23
Undergraduate Department Representative 2022-2023
Health: Science, Society, Policy (HSSP) and Biology Majors; South Asian Studies Minor
image of vidisha jha
Vidisha Jha '23
Undergraduate Department Representative 2022-2023
Linguistics, Anthropology, and Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies Majors; South Asian Studies and Math Minors