Appendix K

Personal and Professional Integrity Pledge

As a student at Brandeis University, I understand that my actions reflect upon me and Brandeis’s community of students, families, staff, faculty, alumni, community partners and employers who engage, collaborate with, educate, mentor, and hire students year-round on- and off-campus.

Brandeis is committed to supporting me to create professional and personal goals and connections. I understand I am expected to take ownership of my own goals and actions and to develop positive and mutually respectful relationships with members of the Brandeis community.

I pledge to adhere to the Brandeis University Personal and Professional Integrity Pledge in all on- and off-campus interactions:

Brandeis Pledge

I am Brandeis.
We are love, inclusion & trust.
Campus culture,
And Academic Success;
Are embedded in our history;
And defined by the trajectory of our integrity.
Our community members
Are partners in our University journey.
We are;
The future,
Social change,
Each other,
And Together;
We will,
Impact the world
With the majesty of love As one,