Appendix K

Personal and Professional Integrity Pledge

As a student at Brandeis University, I understand that my actions reflect upon me and Brandeis’s community of students, families, staff, faculty, alumni, community partners and employers who engage, collaborate with, educate, mentor, and hire students year-round on- and off-campus.

Brandeis is committed to supporting me to create professional and personal goals and connections. I understand I am expected to take ownership of my own goals and actions and to develop positive and mutually respectful relationships with members of the Brandeis community.

I pledge to adhere to the Brandeis University Personal and Professional Integrity Pledge in all on- and off-campus interactions:

  • Treat everyone with respect and expect the same in return
  • Keep an open mind at all times, recognizing that we are all life-long learners Be courteous in all forms of engagement (face-to-face, in writing, by phone) Ensure that all publicly available content about me (e.g., social media, blogs, emails) appropriately represents me and Brandeis in a respectful, professional manner
  • Provide accurate information in all forms of professional communication and documentation
  • Respond appropriately to calls, emails and invitations for meetings, appointments, events, informational discussions, and interviews in a timely manner (knowing standard practice is 24-48 business hours)
  • Prepare for meetings, events, and interviews to enhance the experience for me and others
  • Attend and be on time for all individual or group meetings, events, and interviews that I schedule on-campus, off-campus, virtually, or by phone
  • Learn how to connect with alumni and other professionals to network regularly and appropriately by getting advice and information and not simply asking for a job or internship
  • Be mindful of other people’s time, availability and personal information and express appreciation for their time and support
  • Be supportive of other Brandeis community members’ personal and professional goals
  • Speak with a staff or faculty member for support if something or someone makes me uncomfortable
  • Brandeis community members might report observations about my behavior not in line with those stated above with the purpose and hope of educating and supporting me and not doing so to harm or hurt me.
  • All Brandeis community members can complete (anonymously or not) a report (Community Standards, Sexual Violence, I Care, Academic Integrity, Harassment / Discrimination Related Incident) if they are worried about someone or something by going to

Brandeis Pledge

I am Brandeis.
We are love, inclusion & trust.
Campus culture,
And Academic Success;
Are embedded in our history;
And defined by the trajectory of our integrity.
Our community members
Are partners in our University journey.
We are;
The future,
Social change,
Each other,
And Together;
We will,
Impact the world
With the majesty of love As one,