Section 12. Use of Campus Facilities

12.0 Facilities Use — Time, Place, and Manner: University facilities are available for activities consistent with the University’s educational, social, and cultural goals. The University does not impose prior restraints upon the subject matter or point of view expressed by any person or group using its facilities. Its facilities, however, may not be used for activities contrary to federal, state, or local laws, activities conflicting with University regulations or policies, or activities that may create an undue risk or harm to persons and/or property. The University requires reasonable advance notice for the use of facilities and reserves the right to determine the time, place, and manner of any event (see Section 7).

12.1. Priority of Activities: The priority of activities to take place in any facility is influenced by the relevance of the activity to the University’s goals, the timing of the request to use the facility, and the kinds of functions for which the facility is ordinarily used.

12.2. Advance Notice for Space Reservation: The University requires 10 days’ advance notice for the reservation of space, unless waived by the Department of Conference and Event Services. The University reserves the right to withhold its approval of any requested use of a facility, to establish financial charges for any use, and to require a security deposit or impose other such requirements, including but not limited to security personnel and equipment. Such charges and other requirements will be implemented based upon a review of the event plans by the Department of Conference and Event Services.

12.3. Event Safety Requirements: The requirements for safety and security at the event will be based upon a timely review by the Director of Public Safety. This review will be based upon such factors as the possibility of criminal acts, the risk of harm to persons or property, and the need for crowd control. Requirements may be appealed to the Vice President for Operations, who will make the final decision.

12.4. Program Conclusion Time: Programs held on campus and open to the campus community must end by 2:00 a.m. unless the venue for the program (e.g., a residence hall) has a prior condition requiring an earlier ending time. Exceptions to this standard limit may be made, for specific purposes, by the Department of Student Engagement after consultation with the Department of Public Safety.

12.5. Event Sponsor Liability: The person or group requesting the use of a facility is responsible for harm to persons or property resulting from the use of the facility, and indemnifies the University from any and all liability for injury to any person attending an event in a University facility or for any damage or loss of personal property occurring on the University campus resulting from the use of the facility. The University reserves the right to charge the sponsor or host for the costs of providing any extraordinary services.

12.6. Event Sponsor Responsibilities: Facilities must be used for the purposes stated in the request application. The person signing the “Conference and Event Services Reservation Form” will be held responsible for all matters related to the activity. The person or organization requesting University facilities or services shall be responsible for all expenses associated with the event. Sponsors must be able to prove that adequate financial resources are available to meet all anticipated costs, including any non-Brandeis contractual obligations associated with the event.

12.7. Non-Brandeis Speakers: Any event request involving a speaker who is not a member of the Brandeis community (student, faculty, or staff) must indicate the name of the speaker(s) on the Conference and Event Services Reservation Form when it is submitted. Any change in the speaker(s) requires notification and a re-filing of the form. The person or the organization (sponsor) requesting the facilities will be held responsible for the actions of the non-Brandeis speaker or guest. In addition, the host is responsible for any direct costs related to providing safety or meeting security requirements.

12.8. Reservation Eligibility: In accordance with the above, University facilities may be reserved by a member of the faculty, a member of the administrative staff, an authorized officer of an undergraduate or graduate student organization recognized by the appropriate student governing authority, or any other person or group who, in accordance with these regulations, receives permission from the Department of Student Engagement. Off-campus groups seeking space for programming directed toward members of the University community must receive approval from a relevant University department.

12.9. Sponsor’s Obligations with Respect to All University Policies: Approval of a requested use of a facility does not relieve the applicant or sponsor from satisfying any and all additional requirements set forth in other Sections of “Rights and Responsibilities” or as part of other University policies or guidelines (see Section 2.8.).

12.10. Games of Chance: The University supports all federal, state, and local laws related to illegal gambling, betting, and bookmaking or other games of chance. Any activities in which gambling may occur must receive approval from the Department of Student Engagement prior to the event.