Section 13. Parking and Traffic

Parking and Traffic Regulations: The parking and traffic regulations of the University are available at the Department of Public Safety, which also issues campus parking permits. These regulations apply to any person in the Brandeis community operating a motor vehicle, and carry the force of University regulations (see Section 2.8.). The Parking and Traffic Regulations may also be found at the Department of Public Safety website.

13.1. Improper or Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle: The improper or reckless operation of a motor vehicle on campus poses a major threat to safety and carries with it the possibility of legal action and/or campus disciplinary proceedings (including the possible loss of driving/parking privileges).

13.2. Authorized Roadways and Parking Areas: Operate a bicycle, motorcycle, or automobile, or any other manual or powered vehicle, safely, and only on established, authorized roadways and parking areas.

13.3. Parking Appeals Committee: The Department of Public Safety authorizes a Parking Appeals Committee to hear appeals of parking and traffic violations. An SCP may adjudicate cases involving the behavior of students involved in traffic incidents but does not hear appeals of the actual traffic violations.

13.4. Certification to Drive a Brandeis-Owned Vehicle: Any student seeking to operate a University-owned motor vehicle must first be certified by the Department of Public Safety.