Section 14. Commercial Enterprises

14.1. Personal Income-Generating Activity: Brandeis University seeks to empower, with realistic support, students who undertake entrepreneurial endeavors. Permission is required for personal income-generating activity that uses University property, including (but not limited to) student and campus centers, lobbies, cafeterias, residence hall rooms, campus phone and data lines, Internet servers, and student mailboxes. Such permission, when granted, is for designated areas within the University and is subject to the restrictions imposed by the approving officials. General solicitation, especially in such areas as classrooms, lounges, and cafeterias, is not permitted. Use of the Brandeis name in connection with any such activity also requires authorization. A guide to the request/approval process can be found on the Student Engagement website.

  • 14.1a. Entrepreneurial Access to Brandeis Services and Facilities: Any student who uses University property to sell a product or provide a service for a fee, or who represents a for-profit entity that uses University property, shall be considered to be involved in a commercial enterprise, and is therefore required to follow the same procedures as outside companies wishing to access Brandeis services and facilities. All plans for personal income-generating activity on the part of individual students or groups of students and involving University property must be approved by the Department of Student Engagement.
  • 14.1b. Fundraising: Students must comply with safety guidelines and as a University we must ensure we are aligning with our contractual obligations with campus partners and vendors. Some items and/or processes and actions may be considered unsafe and may be restricted or prohibited. To protect the health and safety of community members, expectations around fundraising will apply to all students. An up to date and detailed guide to fundraising can be found on the Student Engagement website.