Department of Student Rights and Community Standards

Section 6. Care of University and Personal Property

6.1. Respect for Brandeis Property: Respect, maintain, and preserve University grounds, academic and administrative buildings, residence halls, dining facilities, and associated structures, as well as faculty, staff and other students’ personal property.

6.2. Posted Notices: Posters, banners, lawn signs, handbills, or notices may be displayed only on spaces designated for that purpose, such as bulletin boards. Postings in Usdan and Shapiro Campus Center require the stamped approval of the Department of Student Engagement. Postings in the residence halls require the approval of the Department of Community Living (see 9.8.). If you are posting in a different building on campus, you are responsible for ensuring you align with their specified posting policies. Placement of posters, handbills, notices, and the like on trees, lawns, sidewalks, statues, motor vehicles, permanent University signage, emergency blue light phones, stairwells, windows, fire suppression equipment, or fire exterior doors is prohibited. Postings that violate other policy Sections, including but not limited to, Policy Against Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Violence, and disruption of scheduled speakers or events, Section 7.6, will not be approved and may be removed. All postings must have a group or sponsor identified. Failure to do so may result in removal of the posted material. If you are seeking to post in relation to a campus protest and/or demonstration, you are encouraged to reach out to the Dean of Students Office to assist in accommodation of reasonable needs for both the University community and those engaged in acts of speech or protest.

  • 6.2.a. Appropriate Posting Materials: Students are expected to use only appropriate posting materials that will not cause damage (see Section 9.8 and/or the Department of Student Engagement with regard to non-residential spaces).
  • 6.2.b. Chalking: Students who engage in chalking must observe the distinction between advertising events and vandalism. Only sidewalks — which does not include patios and steps to a building—may be chalked. Chalking on buildings and on personal or University property (e.g., buildings, cars, bus shelters, and signs) is not permitted. Chalking is also not permitted in areas where it cannot be washed away by rainfall. The Department of Student Engagement reserves the right to authorize the removal of chalked messages if they are considered inappropriate, use profane illustrations or language, or are not in a permitted area.

6.3. Respect for Personal Property: Respect, maintain, and care for property belonging to others. Vandalism, littering, theft or attempted theft of, destruction of or damage to, and unauthorized possession or inappropriate use of property (including intellectual property) belonging to the University, a member of the University community, or any other individual or entity is unacceptable. This Section also applies to the grounds, and to personal and public property that surrounds the campus.

6.4. Library Materials: Respect, maintain, and care for library materials and other academic materials or equipment. Destruction, mutilation, or defacement of or tampering with any of the above is unacceptable.

6.5. Appropriate Access to Property: Observe University guidelines and policies regarding access to or occupancy or use of University property and facilities and the University’s name, seal, or logo (see Sections 9., 12., and 15.). Storage closets and utility rooms in any University building, and the roof areas of any University building, may not be accessed by students without explicit permission.

6.6. Appropriate Hours and Areas of Access: Access University buildings and facilities during posted hours and in authorized areas only (see Section 9.14.n.).

6.7. Respect for Campus Flora, Fauna and Animals: Respect and preserve the plant and animal life found on the campus. Mistreatment or abuse of any animals, trees or plantings is unacceptable.