Staff Spotlight

Jay MacDuffie 

Jay MacDuffie

What do you do at Brandeis?
I am the Area Coordinator for Massell Quad and Rosenthal, which means I am responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of, and student development within, those areas.  This plays out in many different ways, but the most tangible and visible way is through the work I do advising and supervising the Community Advisors in my areas.  I would love to say that I have a major effect on the development of the students in my area, but most of that credit needs to go to the wonderful CAs with whom I work.  Outside of programming and supervision, one of my main responsibilities as an Area Coordinator is to work closely with the Director of Student Rights and Community Standards and oversee conduct cases that arise in my areas.

How long have you worked here? 
I've worked at Brandeis for 2 years and 3 months (first day was July 1, 2013), but it feels like I just got here.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I love to read fantasy literature.  My life changed the day I was introduced to Tolkein, Jordan, etc., and I hope it never stops having such a strong effect on me.  However, I don't read every night - on a typical Wednesday night, you can find me at Joe Sent Me playing trivia.  When possible, I love to reconnect on the weekends with friends from my undergraduate and graduate years at Boston College.  During the summer, when I have an abundance of free time, you can find me joining a recreational sports league and (sometimes) winning championships.

Please share interesting facts about yourself that others don't know?
1) I was a child model for Popeye-brand clothing.
2) I once stuffed an entire roll of Shock Tarts in my mouth at one time.
3) I passed up an opportunity to be in the classic film "My Best Friend's Girl," starring Dane Cook, Jason Biggs, and Kate Hudson.
4) I was once asked by Mr. Belding if I would want him as a principal.
5) I've lived in the Greater Boston Area for over 9 years and have never walked the Freedom Trail or been on a duck boat tour.

"Students are the Reason"

The Princeton Review ranked Brandeis # 1 for "Students Most Engaged in Community Service"
We are so proud of the hard work shown day in & day out by our Community Service Department & Waltham Group!

The Division of Student Life and Success includes various offices that work to enrich the student experience. These offices are overseen by the Dean of Students, Jamele Adams. Student Life serves as an advocate for all Brandeis students, strives to ensure the quality of their overall co-curricular experience at the university, and promotes opportunities for students to engage in leadership activities and to experience personal, social, and emotional growth and development.

The staff maintains a varied program of social, cultural and intellectual events during the academic year. Our staff works to build a community based upon mutual understanding and consideration. The work of student life and success reflects the commitment to our core values: citizenship, integrity, respect, civility, lifelong learning and embracing diversity.