Ticketing for Student Clubs and Organizations

What You Get from Brandeis Tickets


(As of July 1, 2019)

Club/Organization-Incurred Fees

Examples of Maximum Ticket Fees (If Sold Out)
Venue Set-Up Style Capacity

Maximum Fee for a Free Event*

Levin Ballroom Auditorium Style 450 $67.50
Levin Ballroom Empty (Dance) 700 $105
Sherman Auditorium Style 400 $60
Sherman Empty (Dance) 500 $75

*billed to the club charge line

Dance Party Example

The ticketing fee for a dance party in which 200 free tickets are distributed would be $30. This fee would be billed to the club's account after the event. If non-Brandeis guests were charged for admittance, the ticketing fee would be deducted from that ticket income and the remaining balance of the income would be deposited in the club's account.

Attendee-Incurred Fees

The event attendee incurs a $2 per ticket handling fee for all online and telephone orders. This fee is added to the ticket price. There is no fee for in-person sales.

Getting Your Money and Paying for Brandeis Tickets' Services

For clubs to receive their ticket income or pay for ticketing fees (for free, but ticketed events), they must be recognized clubs and have a club account (a.k.a, university charge line). All ticket sales income is collected at the point of sale and held by Brandeis Tickets. After the event(s) close and all sales are complete, Brandeis Tickets will run a settlement report and statement of account. Ticket fees are deducted from the gross receipts, and all net adjusted receipts will be remitted to the club or organization via university accounting to the club's charge line.