Using Your Points

Points can be used at any dining location on campus. Use the charts below to assist you in budgeting the points from your specific plan during the fall semester. The chart should be used as a guide only. 

Students can spend points at any rate they wish. Following the guide for your plan will help to ensure your points will last through the end of the semester. Email if you have any questions. Points expire upon graduation, withdrawal, or at the end of the academic year (whichever comes first). They do not carry over to the next academic year (fall semester).

19-Meal Plan  

Beginning balance: $250
Average recommended usage/week: $15

15-Meal Plan Dining Points   

Beginning balance: $600
Average recommended usage/week: $35

12-Meal Plan Dining Points    

Beginning balance: $850
Average recommended usage/week: $50

10-Meal Plan Dining Points

Beginning Balance: $650
Average recommended usage/week: $38

Block Meal Plans

Below is the suggested spending limit per week for students on block meal plans.

Carryover Points and How to Use Them

Carry-over points are unused points from the Fall semester that automatically carry-over to the Spring semester. If you have leftover points, you will see that amount in your "Carry-Over Points" balance. 

If you have a meal plan for the Spring semester, the points from your current plan will be depleted first, and then your carry-over points will automatically be available. You do not need to take any action. Unused points are not transferable to the following academic year. There is no refund for unused points.

Meal plans are valid until lunch the day after the last day of finals (Fall: December 20th, Spring: May 18th). At that time, all unused meals and points will be forfeited. 

Exceptions to this deadline are only made for graduating seniors, whose meal plans will stay valid through graduation.