Receiving Mail

Undergraduate Students

Letters and packages are delivered to undergraduate students' individual mailboxes in Usdan Student Center by 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. A self-service kiosk is available for students to pick up packages quickly and easily.

Mail Forwarding

Mail can be forwarded to your home address or a separate mailing address that you provide on your Sage account. For enrolled undergraduate students, mail is forwarded during summer break only. For students on a semester abroad, mail is forwarded for that semester. For students who graduate, are on leave or withdraw from Brandeis, mail is forwarded for 90 days.

Mail services asks that you stop by our window in Usdan or send an email when you plan to travel abroad, take a leave of absence or withdraw from Brandeis to ensure that your mailbox will be closed and the forwarding of your mail will commence.

Graduate Students, Faculty and Staff

Brandeis graduate students, faculty and staff do not receive a centralized mailbox on campus; their mail is delivered to their academic department.

FedEx deliveries for graduate students, faculty and staff are made directly to the recipient’s office by the carrier, not by mail services staff. UPS, FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery packages for graduate students, faculty and staff are delivered by mail services within two to three business days. Special deliveries and pickups can be made upon request at 781-736-4515.

If valuables of any kind are sent to you, urge the sender to use a class of mail that requires a signature, such as certified, registered, insured or express mail. Cash should never be sent in any type of mail.