Meal Plans

Meal plans can be used in Usdan and Sherman dining halls. Meals can also be used as a meal exchange in the Hoot Market C-Store, Louis' Deli, and Sub Connection/Tres Habaneros, in Usdan, and The Stein, in Hassenfeld. Points can be used at any dining location on campus.

Students Living in Campus Housing

All students placed in Brandeis housing are required to have a meal plan. Brandeis is pleased to offer the following meal plans below for students living on campus. Traditional Meal Plans can only be used once per meal period. All residential meal plan swipes do not carryover to the next semester.

Traditional Meal Plans*

Plan Type Points Included Cost Per Semester
19-Meal Plan $250 $3,635
15-Meal Plan $600 $3,575
12-Meal Plan $850 $3,535
10-Meal Plan $650 $3,265
Plan Type Points Included Cost Per Semester
120-Block Plan $400 $1,655
80-Block Plan $300 $1,305

** 120-block and 80-block meal plans may only be purchased by students assigned in Apartment Style Housing (Charles River Apartments, Ridgewood, 567 South St. and the Foster Mods). These students may also choose from among the Traditional Meal Plans (19-meal, 15-meal, 12-meal and 10-meal plans per week), which also have five guest meal swipes per semester.

Students Living in Non-Brandeis Housing

Commuter (or Graduate Student/Voluntary) Meal Plans

Plan Type Points Included Cost Per Semester
90-Block Plan $100 $1,040
60-Block Plan $60 $815
Points-Only Plan $240 $200

To promote physical distancing at the Campus Card Office and to reduce in-person traffic, please note that Commuter meal plans are now purchased online. Please allow at least one business day to process online Commuter meal plan purchases. Once used, voluntary meal plans are non-refundable and non-transferable.