University Writing Center

Types of Appointments

We offer the following types of appointments at the Writing Center. 

Face-to-face (in-person or online)

During face-to-face (online or in-person) sessions, your consultant will likely start by asking you about your assignment, where you are in your project and what you particularly want to address. As you work together, your consultant will highlight your existing strengths so you can grow them, and flag areas that would benefit from closer attention. The best and most productive appointments are ones that feel like conversations, leaving you with a clearer sense of your own ideas, your own aims and your own writing.

Learn more about online consultations

E-tutoring appointments offer a way for you to get feedback on your work asynchronously, i.e., without attending a face-to-face consultation. While consultations, either in person or online, are the best way to get help with your writing, the e-tutoring option is designed for more flexible and accessible support.


Even though it is always best to make an appointment to guarantee an in-person consultation, the Writing Center makes every effort to see drop-ins when it is open. You are welcome to stop by to see if a consultant is available. The Writing Center is open Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.