What to Expect

In each session, you will receive verbal and written feedback (written only for the E-Tutoring Document Drop option) from an experienced and supportive graduate student consultant. Each session aims to balance larger writing issues (e.g., structure, scope, organization, style) with more mechanical concerns (e.g., punctuation, semantics, syntax, vocabulary).

During face-to-face (online or in-person) sessions, your consultant will likely start by asking you about your assignment, where you are in your project and what you particularly want to address. As you work together, your consultant will highlight your existing strengths so you can grow them, and flag areas that would benefit from closer attention. The best and most productive appointments are ones that feel like conversations, leaving you with a clearer sense of your own ideas, your own aims and your own writing. 

For the E-Tutoring Document Drop option, the feedback you receive will be guided by the information you give. Consultants will address specific issues that you raise and bring up other areas of attention to help your writing. 

Regardless of the format of your session, you will emerge with clear steps on which to take action in order to improve your writing.

Frequently Asked Questions