Information for Faculty

Include us on your syllabus: We encourage you to add information about the Writing Center to your syllabus and course site. We have drafted the following message for ease but please feel free to use your own language:
For the writing assignments in this class, I encourage you to make use of the Brandeis University Writing Center, which offers free writing support to all Brandeis community members in the form of in-person and Zoom face-to-face and e-tutoring document-drop appointments as well as workshops. Writers of all levels in all subjects — working on anything from their first college essays to lab reports, senior theses, dissertations, and job and fellowship materials — are welcome. The Writing Center’s team of expert consultants is on hand to help you with your writing project at any stage, from brainstorming, to outlining, to revision.
If students in your course are permitted to use Writing Center services for midterms, finals, or quizzes, please notify us at or indicate your permission in your course materials.

The Writing Center can provide tailored workshops and classroom visits. If you would like us to develop a specific workshop for one of your courses or come to your class, please let us know. We are always open to collaboration, and look forward to your ideas. 

In addition to visits and tailored workshops, the Writing Center is also pleased to offer the following support for faculty:

One-on-One Consultations with University Writing Program faculty to discuss writing assignments, feedback, course design, and ways to set up writing support in your home department. 

Faculty Workshops are also available on request on the following topics:

  • Feedback and Assessment: How to grade efficiently and effectively.
  • Ideas for Low-Stakes Writing: Incorporating everyday writing activities and exercises to the classroom.
  • Effective Assignment Design: Help students write the essays you want.
  • Peer Review: Methods and strategies to help students get useful help.
  • Teaching and Talking Writing in Your Discipline: Alerting faculty to disciplinary differences in writing and providing strategies on how to incorporate talking about writing even when discussing readings.
  • Classroom Activities to Facilitate Writing: Easy activities to incorporate writing and writing awareness in the classroom.
  • Writing as Thinking: Teaching students to use a recursive drafting strategy to evolve a thesis and thereby seeing writing as thinking as well as communication.
  • Building on the UWS: Understand what students learn in First Year Writing and how to build upon this foundation in your own classroom.

Establish support in your own department for writing: the Writing Center is happy to discuss ways that you can support writing in your own department, perhaps by establishing a Write-in Studio or other writing group. 

To make an appointment for a consultation, request a workshop, or to discuss ways to build support for writing in your own department, please contact the Director of the University Writing Program at

Requiring your students to visit the Writing Center: We are constantly trying to extend our reach and accommodate as many students as possible across the disciplines. Faculty can help their students by informing them about our services early in the semester. If you make it a requirement for all of your students to make an appointment at the Writing Center, please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate this requirement. In particular, knowing the timing of your assignments is useful for our staffing purposes.

If you have any questions about what services we can provide, please see our commitment statement and FAQ page for students. Feel free to reach out to us at for any additional questions.