Leave of Absence

Any degree-seeking undergraduate student who has been in residence for two semesters, and who has a complete and satisfactory record from the preceding semester, is eligible for a leave of absence. A leave of absence is granted for one or two semesters and may be extended once only. Normally, leaves are arranged in advance through the Office of Academic Services.

On an exceptional basis, personal leave may be granted for a semester in progress, in which case permission must be secured from the Office of Academic Services no later than the 20th day of instruction. Students are required to inform the Office of Academic Services in writing of their intentions at a specified date prior to the beginning of the term in which they are scheduled to register. Credit will not be granted for academic work taken at other institutions during a leave of absence.

Leave of Absence for Medical Reasons

A student may petition to take a Leave of Absence for Medical Reasons for up to one year for personal health or family health reasons. Petitions and supporting documentation are submitted to the Office of Academic Services. During a leave of absence for medical reasons, students may take two courses (eight credits) per semester for a maximum of four courses (sixteen credits). Courses must be approved by the Office of the University Registrar prior to enrollment. Course credits may count toward the 128 credits needed for graduation as defined in the academic residency requirement.

Students requesting to return from a Leave of Absence for Medical Reasons must petition the Committee on Academic Standing for permission and must provide documentation that the medical condition has been alleviated and that the student is ready to return to full-time academic life at Brandeis.