Important 2018-19 IIM Dates

Spring Proposal Deadline

Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Due by 5:00 pm

General Interest Meeting

Thursday, Nov. 15, 2018
5:30 - 7:00 pm
Academic Services
Usdan East

Are you interested in an Independent Interdisciplinary Major? Come learn what it's like to propose an IIM from the IIM UDRs and IIM Coordinator!

Independent Interdisciplinary Major (IIM)

Fall Mixer 11/13 5:30-7pm in Academic Services

What is an Independent Interdisciplinary Major (IIM)?

An Independent Interdisciplinary Major (IIM) offers students with interdisciplinary, intellectual interests the opportunity to design a course of study not available in the regular curriculum. Each IIM is designed around a topic, theme, issue, or set of questions that cannot be adequately addressed within the context and combination of existing majors or minors. The skills necessary to pursue an IIM include the ability to work independently, to analyze and synthesize materials from different disciplines, and to work one-on-one in sustained dialogue with a group of faculty advisors.

The Office of Admissions provides a one-page fact sheet on IIMs (PDF).

IIM Titles That Have Been Approved in the Past

Communication and Media Studies
Conflict and Cooperation Studies
Applied Mathematics and Data Analytics
Cognitive Science
Global Hunger and Food Security
Gender and Sexuality Studies
Peace and Justice Studies
Religious Studies
Politics, Philosophy, and Economics
Italian Studies
Theater and Social Change
Visual Culture