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Hannah Bair '24

IIM: Development and Migration Studies


Hi everyone! My name is Hannah Bair! I am double major in Anthropology and Development and Migration Studies. My IIM is an interdisciplinary approach to both of these topics covering policy, practice and rhetoric. Last year, I spent my fall semester abroad in Senegal and my spring semester abroad in Hong Kong. I took classes in French and Mandarin as well as classes about development and migration in those two countries/regions. Aside from school, I love to travel, read, and cook! Feel free to reach out at any stage of the IIM process! I will not have set office hour times, so just email to set up an appointment! I look forward to talking with you!

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Photo of Floriesha
Floriesha Bastien '24

IIM: Race, Media, and Communication


Hi everyone! I'm Floriesha Bastien! I am a double major in Sociology and Race, Media, and Communication. My IIM explores how racism and racial ideologies are intertwined within digital media and different forms of communication. Last spring semester I studied abroad in South Korea, where I was able to learn about Korean digital media, media, and communication studies as well as K-pop studies. In my free time, I love creating pinterest boards, online shopping, and spending time hanging out in Boston! Feel free to contact me if you're interested and/or have questions about the IIM department. Anf for those proposing an IIM, I am here to help answer any concerns or questions you have. I look forward to meeting you all :)

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