Meet the IIM Undergraduate Departmental Representative

UDR Rebecca Goldfarb class of 2021 standing in front of a pond surrounded by statutes
Rebecca Goldfarb '21

My name is Rebecca Goldfarb and I am a senior at Brandeis. My IIM is Media, Culture, and Communications, a major that focuses on the infrastructures of the media industry and the ways in which communication and media connect with society. I decided to pursue an IIM because I wanted to create an academic path that catered to my unique goals and interests. On campus, I am also involved as the personnel director for the campus radio station, WBRS, and the treasurer for Free Play Theater Cooperative. I am excited to be a UDR because I have really enjoyed being able to pursue my own academic path and would love to help other people find the path that is right for them through their niche interests and make the process easier for them.

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