Student Research Interests

Following is a list of current students and their research areas of interest. Click on a student's name for contact information.

M.A. Students

Lauren Bader
Folklore, German national identity, semiotics and reinterpretation.

Douglas Bafford
Religious cosmology, scientific and evolutionary discourse, cross-cultural epistemology, social theory, and Christianity.

Holly Doerflinger
Space and belonging, immigrant communities, American citizenship, and education.

Allyson Goose
Cultural anthropology. Navigation of cultural differences within household settings.

Kelly Hacker
Medical anthropology. Telemedicine and other distance medicine technologies and usage, entanglements between Western biomedicine and ethnomedicine, culturally-appropriate health solutions, science and technology studies. Kinship and adoption. South Asia, Alaska.

Syed (Zeeshan) Hussain
Psychological and linguistic anthropology. Power, political ideology, and Islam.

Linda Langley
Sociocultural. Aging and "other"-ability, territoriality, uses and perceptions of space and place, cross-cultural dynamics, multi-species ethnography.

Kara Smotherman
Sociocultural. Immigration, computer-mediated communication; East Asia.

Nicole Welk
Sociocultural and visual anthropology.  Agriculture and aesthetics, economics, policy making processes, farming and human/animal identity, cooperation, tradition and change; Amish and Mennonite communities, Canada, United States, Mexico, Brazil.

Joint Masters in Anthropology and Women's and Gender Studies

Jessica Bray
Sociocultural Anthropology. gender and queer based activism, everyday resistances, transnational feminism, social change; South Asia.

Jara Connell
Marginalized communities, gender, intersectionality, human rights and social justice, and feminist anthropology; India.

Grace Daniels
Radical and queer theory, performance, ritual, violence/non-violence, and social movements; Mexico.

Paige Henderson
Sociolinguistics, Islamophobia, gender violence, and medical anthropology.

Renée Robinson
Gender, performance, ethnomusicology, popular culture, the independent music scene, and semiotics of music, place & location.

Jennifer Skinnon
Sociocultural.  Memorialization, memory, ritual and performance, public spaces, post-colonialism, existential anthropology.  United States, Caribbean, West Africa

Ph.D. Students

Emily Canning
Linguistic anthropology. Language ideology, ethnicity and nationalism, writing systems, religion. Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan.

Ryan Collins
Archaeology. Time and space, practice, meaning and material, collective memory, monumentality, political economies, and cross cultural interactions; Mesoamerica, the Maya, Yaxuna Yucatan, Mexico.

Bryce Davenport
Archaeology. Architecture, place-making, and the built environment; production, exchange, and ancient economies; material semiotics; categorization and systems of knowledge; ethnohistory and colonial changes in the Americas; physical anthropology and human evolution; Mesoamerica, the Andes, the Mediterranean.

Adam Gamwell
Sociocultural. Economic anthropology, commodities and value, food studies, development, science and technology studies, genomics, quinoa; Andean South America, Peru and Bolivia. Anthropology blog and radio show:

Jessica Hardin
Sociocultural. Ethnography of public health; theories of embodiment and the body; anthropology of food and foodways; obesity, chronicities, and body size; Christianity; healing and interfaces between religion and medicine; gender and religious experience; health and well-being; ethnography and anthropological representation. American Samoa, Samoa, and the diaspora.

Amy Hanes
Sociocultural. Anthropology of knowledge, place and space, conservation, environmental education, youth, multi-species ethnography, epistemology, gender based violence; South West Province, Cameroon.

Melanie Kingsley
Archaeology. The impact of the Classic Period Collapse on the sociopolitical and economic organization of the Postclassic Period Maya through the ceramic, lithic, and architectural analysis. Community formation, style, economic production and consumption, trade networks and exchange, and state collapse. Peten, Guatemala.

Katie Lukach
Archaeology, Pre-Colombian Mesoamerica. The Maya, commoners, and the construction of communities. Figurines, petrography and other material studies. 

Ryo Morimoto
Semiotic anthropology, anthropology of disaster and loss; post-disaster trauma and social/cultural changes in relationship to the politics of memory; relationship between semiology and semiotics; Japan.

Donald Slater
Archaeology. The Maya, Mesoamerica. Caves, portals, cosmology, iconography, and power in Central Yucatan, Mexico.

Olivia Spalletta
Medical and economic anthropology, epistemology, causal models, phenomenology, language and power; Denmark.

Holly Walters
Religious and linguistic anthropology. Power and identity, roles of language and religion in social organization, cultural constructions of gender, gender-focused political movements; India.

Mengqi Wang
Space and urbanization, housing market, shifting residential patterns and kinship relations; urban China.