Student Research Interests

Following is a list of current students and their research areas of interest. Click on a student's name for contact information.

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M.A. Students

Joint Masters in Anthropology and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Ph.D. Students

M.A. Students

Celia Marilley Burke
India, postcolonial politics, democracy, military occupation, the intersection of art, politics, and justice.

Shelby Carter
Psychological and medical anthropology; eating disorders; body; gender.

Haoqian Chen
Fraud economy in China, economic anthropology; urban anthropology.

Shawn Dunlap
Applied anthropology, anthropology of literature, transnationalism, and neomarxist anthropological theory.

John Grigas
The anthropology of religion, (specifically Buddhism and Shinto), East and Southeast Asian cultural groups and religions, religious and cultural identity among immigrants and refugees, the religious conversion experience, and the anthropology of happiness.

Xiaowei Guo
Religious minorities in China.

Madison Hyman
Diaspora, migration, and identity as it pertains to Ethiopian Jews living in Israel; navigation of national identity as it pertains to a recently transplanted community; collective memory; and trans-generational trauma.

Delande Justinvil
Biological archaeology/anthropology. Biocultural politics of race and ancestry. Materiality of identity. Mediterranean archaeology.

JinJu Kim
Representations of Korean food and how food affects the identities and dietary habits of Korean Americans and Koreans living in the US.

Sierra Dakin Kuiper
Political ecology; ecological conservation; multispecies ethnography; critical development studies.

Hwa (Clara) Yeon Lee
Internal and external lives of women and grassroots activism.

Ella N'Diaye-Muller
Citizenship, Dominican Republic.

Cristina (Nina) Oria-Loureiro
Symbolic nature of violence and what it tell us about Mesoamerican and Andean societies.

Warren Parsons
Religion, Eastern philosophies, traditional medicine, and the impact of tradition on diet and wellness in contemporary society.

Jessica Priestley
Latin America, political-economic relations between the Americas.

Jonathan Rocha
Anthropology as a profession & discipline; ethnographic focus.

Kristina Tams
How cultures collide within the confines of inherently culturally defined institutions.

Hui Wen
Youth on-line community in China; media studies; bike touring.

Joint Masters in Anthropology and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Ilana Cohen
Post-structuralist studies of how women’s bodies, selves, and reproductive abilities are both controlled through culture and used to create culture; medical anthropology, anthropology of religion, and post-development theory; Southeast Asia.

Talia Coroniti
Buddhism in the US; gender and class systems; marginalized communities.

Steven Gonzalez
Postcolonial feminist science studies, cyborg anthropology, ethnographies of computing cultures, social science of data centers, indigeneity and technology, ethnoscience, history and anthropology of science fiction, ethnohistory.

Alexandra (Sasha) Martin
Reproductive, medical, and sociocultural anthropology; infertility, stratified reproduction, gender identity, “womanhood," awareness discourse, IVF and fertility technology, menopause, and medicalization.

Ashlee Moser
US rural communities and ideologies; feminism.

Melanie Vandegrift
Pacific immigrant communities in the Northwest

Leah Wasil
Contemporary practice of archaeology in Japan and East Asia, gender politics, Japanese imperial history

Ph.D. Students

Douglas Bafford
Religious cosmology, scientific and evolutionary discourse, cross-cultural epistemology, social theory, and Christianity.

Zhiduo Cheng
Alternative dispute resolution, cultural anthropology, LGBT in post-socialist China

Ryan Collins
Archaeology. Time and space, practice, meaning and material, collective memory, monumentality, political economies, and cross cultural interactions; Mesoamerica, the Maya, Yaxuna Yucatan, Mexico.

Jara Connell
Power and authority, policing, race and ethnicity, surveillance, activism, gender, economic inequality; North America.

Maya Dworsky
Literature and its relation to the formation of ethnic identities, the use of pedagogical narratives; US, Israel and Palestine.

Adam Gamwell
Sociocultural. Economic anthropology, commodities and value, food studies, development, science and technology studies, genomics, quinoa; Andean South America, Peru and Bolivia. Anthropology blog and radio show:

Amy Hanes
Sociocultural. Anthropology of knowledge, place and space, conservation, environmental education, youth, multi-species ethnography, epistemology, gender based violence; South West Province, Cameroon.

Paige Henderson
Digital anthropology; cyborg anthropology; new media; postcoloniality; anthropology of gender/sexuality; anthropology of possibility; anthropology of the body; feminist anthropology; queer anthropology; linguistic anthropology; South Asia; India

Houman Kooraei Oliaei
Cultural history and politics, anthropology of religion and ritual, religious minorities in Iran, psychological anthropology, and ethnomusicology. Iran

Sarah Schofield-Mansur
Archaeology. Social interpretation of funerary practice, infant container burials, cultural/archaeological heritage management, gendered interpretation of domestic space and material culture, Mediterranean studies, GIS, historical archaeology, cultural interaction and exchange between Greece and the ancient Near East, the Aegean Bronze and Iron Ages; Israel, Greece.

Max Seidita
Archaeology; ancient economies; household archaeology; household production; urbanism; ceramic analysis; landscape archaeology; settlement analysis; Mesoamerican; Maya.

Olivia Spalletta
Medical and economic anthropology, epistemology, causal models, phenomenology, language and power; Denmark.

Aneil Tripathy
Economic, urban, and environmental anthropology, transportation, anthropology of finance and development; climate finance and green bonds; London, UK. Anthropology blog and radio show:

Holly Walters
Religious and linguistic anthropology. Power and identity, roles of language and religion in social organization, cultural constructions of gender, gender-focused political movements; India.

Mengqi Wang
Space and urbanization, housing market, shifting residential patterns and kinship relations; urban China.