Study Abroad Ambassadors

The Office of Study Abroad is excited to have Study Abroad Ambassadors, recent study abroad returnees, who want to share their passion for studying abroad with you!

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If you answered YES to any of the above questions, meeting with a Study Abroad Ambassador is a great step to take, no matter where you are in the process! Ambassadors can be reached via their contact information found below or come to their drop-in hours--no appointment is necessary.

2019-2020 Ambassadors

Carmela standing in front of a museum in Mexico.

Program: IFSA/ Summer Mexico Public Health & Medical Spanish in the Yucatan (Summer 2018)

Carmela (she, her) is a senior majoring in Health: Science, Society, and Policy and minoring in African and African-American studies. Carmela is interested in creating policies that address health disparities within minority communities. In order to address health disparities, Carmela had to understand how culture is a social determinant of health. Therefore, she studied abroad on Merida, Yucatan, Mexico during the summer of 2018 on the IFSA/ Summer Mexico Public Health & Medical Spanish in the Yucatan program. While abroad, Carmela had the opportunity to visit traditional medicine practices such as herbal healers and midwives to understand the medical perception of native Mayan cultures. In addition, she analyzed how Mexican policies incorporates both traditional Mayan practices and modern medical practices to work together to deliver care. Besides the courses and hands-on experiences, Carmela enjoyed the beaches of Progresso, Tulum, and walking through Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, Yaxchilan, and Uxmal. Carmela's favorite part of her study abroad experience was jumping into cenotes in Yaxunah and explored the Cuban nightlife. Studying abroad left Carmela more curious on the ways in which government incorporates social determinants of health into health policies. Carmela looks forward to helping students find a program that will allow them to gain experiences such as hers.

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Rolonda standing against a railing in front of the water, with the skyline of Shanghai behind her.

Program: CET/ Chinese Studies & Internship in Shanghai (Spring 2019)

Rolonda (she, her) is a senior double majoring in International & Global Studies and Politics and minoring in East Asian Studies and Social Justice and Social Policy. She studied abroad in Shanghai, China during the spring semester of her junior year with the CET Chinese Studies and Internship Program. She lived at Donghua University with a local roommate and was able to spend a weekend in her roommate's hometown. In her time at CET she took courses that focused on improving her Chinese language skills, contemporary Chinese politics, and the history of Shanghai. In her internship experience, she was able to work at a non-profit organization that helped businesses become more socially responsible. During her time abroad she had fun adventures including attending a traditional Chinese wedding, spending over 12 hours at Shanghai Disneyland, and picking and drying tea leaves in Hangzhou. She can't wait to help students discover all that study abroad has to offer!

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Caylee standing in front of a row of colorful houses on a sunny day in Copenhagen..

Program: DIS/ Copenhagen, Denmark (Fall 2018)

Caylee (she, her) is a senior majoring in Biology and Health: Science, Society, and Policy, and is on the Pre-Med track. She spent the fall semester of her junior year studing abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark with the DIS: Medical Practice and Policy Program. Through this program Caylee was able to learn about clinical medicine and healthcare policy in European countries through hands-on experiences. During the program she traveled with her class to Western Denmark, Austria, and Hungary to shadow in hospitals and discuss healthcare with physicians in these countries. When not in class, she enjoyed walking down Strøget, the oldest and largest pedestrian street in the world, traveling all over Europe, and cooking Danish food with her host family. She loved the immersive experience provided by living with a host family and continues to keep in touch with her wonderful home away from home. She is thankful for the opportunities that DIS provided and for the many incredible people she met while abroad. Caylee can't stop talking about her time in Denmark and is very excited to help other students realize their dream of studying abroad!

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Roman hiking on the sandy mountains of Chile.

Program: SIT/ Chile: Public Health, Traditional Medicine, and Community Empowerment (Spring 2019)

Roman (he, him) is a senior double majoring in Biology and Health: Science, Society, and Policy and on the Pre-Health track. During the spring of his junior year, Roman studied abroad in Arica, Chile with the SIT Chile: Public Health, Traditional Medicine, and Community Empowerment program. While abroad, Roman learned about how the Chilean public health system is structured and functions, the world-views and traditional health practices of the Aymara and Mapuche indigenous communities, and how these health systems relate with each other (all while improving his Spanish skills). Roman then got to work with Servicio País, a Chilean NGO that gives young adult professionals the opportunity to live and work in impoverished rural communities to fight inequality and achieve a "Chile sin pobreza." While Roman was not in class or on excursions, you could find him playing soccer, spending time with his host family, exploring Arica, and traveling to new places. Roman is incredibly grateful for the new perspectives this experience gave him, and for the American and Chilean friends he made while abroad. Roman's time abroad was a once in a lifetime experience that gave him a new love and appreciation for Latin America and its many unique cultures. As a Study Abroad Ambassador, Roman now looks forward to helping you craft your own adventure!

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Melissa standing in front of brightly colored buildings in Copenhagen.

Program: Brandeis in Copenhagen (Summer 2018)

Melissa (she, her) is a junior majoring in Economics, Environmental Studies, and Business. She studied abroad during the summer before her sophomore year in Copenhagen, Denmark on a Brandeis-Led program. Since this was her first time abroad, it really helped to expand her horizons by showing her new parts of the world. She enjoyed the comfort of being with Brandeis students while going through such a new experience. When not in class, Melissa enjoyed swimming in the Nyhavn Canal, visiting museums, and trying new foods. During weekends, she would visit other countries in Europe like Germany and Sweden. Melissa had such a great time abroad that she is excited to help other students have the same amazing experience!

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Anya standing with the city of Siena in the background.

Program: Brandeis in Siena (Summer 2019)

Anya is a sophomore double majoring in Studio Art and Psychology. During her midyear semester she studied abroad in Florence, Italy. She loved it so much that she decided to go back to Italy to study abroad in Siena with the Brandeis-led program during the Summer of 2019. She learned about Italian Renaissance art and architecture, especially in the context of the city of Siena. She also had the unique opportunity to learn how to paint like the old masters of the renaissance time period. When not in class, Anya loved exploring the museums, gardens, cafés, and just walking through the cobblestoned streets. A couple highlights from her Summer include visiting the Venice Biennale to experience the best contemporary art in the world, and witnessing the Palio, the famous Sienese horse race dating back to the 17th century. Apart from eating all the pasta and gelato she could, Anya also developed long-lasting friendships with the other Brandeis students on the program. She is excited to help you do the same!


Yona standing in front of a phone booth in London.

Program: IFSA/ King's College (Spring 2019)

Yona (he, him) is a senior majoring in Economics with minors in Mathematics, Business and Near Eastern and Judaic Studies. He studied abroad at King's College in London, England. While abroad, Yona was able to take advantage of all that Europe has to offer by traveling across the continent and meeting people from all over the world. It was a completely new and enriching learning experience, both academically and experientially. Some of his highlights of his time abroad include: Going to an FC Barcelona match and seeing Messi play live, visiting the Marc Chagall museum in Nice, spontaneous day trips, and simply making new friends from all over the world. He cannot wait to be able to speak to students and help them decide where they will study abroad!

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Kinsey standing with a camera in front of a mountain.

Programs: SFS/ Bhutan: Himalayan Environment and Society in Transition (Fall 2018) & SIT/ Australia: Rainforest, Reef, and Cultural Ecology (Spring 2019)

Kinsey (she, her) is a senior with a major in Environmental Studies and a double minor in Mathematics and Economics. She studied abroad for an entire academic year in 2018-2019. She spent the fall semester in the mountainous country of Bhutan with the School for Field Studies. When not in the field studying forest management and the impact of buddhist culture on conservation, she could be found hiking to temples, playing volleyball, or sipping milk tea. After two months of independent travel, she spent the spring semester in Cairns, Australia studying rainforest and reef ecology with the School for International Training. Her favorite part was studying at the Lizard Island Research Station and snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef twice a day! She is grateful for this experience and the life-long friends and memories she came away with. She can't wait to help others find the perfect study abroad experience for them.

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Libby posing in front of a group of turtles.

Programs: IES/ Galapagos Islands Direct Enrollment - GAIAS (Fall 2018) & SFS/ Tanzania: Wildlife Management Studies (Spring 2019)

Libby (she, her) is a senior double majoring in Environmental Studies and an IIM in Land and Wildlife Management and Conservation. She also has a minor in International and Global Studies. She spent the fall of her junior year in Ecuador (in Quito and on the Galápagos Islands) with IES's GAIAS direct enrollment program studying Evolution, Ecology & Conservation, and the Spring of her junior year in Northern Tanzania with SFS's program in Wildlife Management. While in Tanzania, she did directed research on beekeeping as a potential tool for poverty alleviation and community empowerment in rural Tanzania, and had the opportunity to visit 3 of Tanzania's National Parks, Ngorongoro Crater, and Olduvai Gorge. In the fall, she was able to travel around the beautiful country of Ecuador, spend 10 days in the Amazon Rain Forest, snorkel with baby sea lions, meet amazing people, and explore the Galápagos Islands. Her favorite things about her year abroad were having the opportunity to learn more on topics she is passionate about in a different social, political, and geographic setting, meeting people who made saying goodbye hard, and finding a new place that felt like home. She is unbelievably grateful for her time abroad, and is excited to help other students discover where Brandeis Study Abroad can take them!

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Guoxi in traditional Oxford robes posing in front of historic buildings.

Program: University of Oxford/ St. Peter's College (Academic Year 2018-2019)

Guoxi (he, him) is a senior majoring in Physics and minoring in Mathematics. He spent his entire junior year studying abroad in the United Kingdom as a participant in the Oxford University program. In his studies, Guoxi enjoyed taking lectures given by world-renowned physicists and discussing challenging problems in tutorials. He even had the opportunity to learn one-on-one from the professor who wrote the widely-used textbook in Atomic Physics class. This kind of Oxford style of teaching had been quite fascinating and enlightening for Guoxi. In his spare time, he often enjoyed visiting art galleries in Southern England, playing for the Oxford University Floorball team in the UK league, and volunteering in Oxfam bookstore and university museums. For Guoxi, his time in Oxford was both memorable and transformative. He looks forward to inspiring future students to help them experience the same.

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