Study Abroad Ambassadors

The Office of Study Abroad is excited to have Study Abroad Ambassadors, recent study abroad returnees, who want to share their passion for studying abroad with you!

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If you answered YES to any of the above questions, meeting with a Study Abroad Ambassador is a great step to take, no matter where you are in the process! Ambassadors can be reached via their contact information found below or come to their drop-in hours--no appointment is necessary.

2018-2019 Ambassadors

Gaby posing in front of a lake and mountains in Chile
Gabriela Astaiza

Program: SIT/ Chile: Public Health, Traditional Medicine, and Community Empowerment (Spring 2018)

Gaby is a senior majoring in Health: Science, Society, and Policy and minoring in African and Afro-American Studies. She spent the spring semester of her junior year studying abroad in Arica, Chile through SIT's program Chile: Traditional Medicine, Public Health, and Community Empowerment. While in Arica, Gaby was able to further her knowledge of traditional medicine in relation to Chile and it's Indigenous communities through the Independent Study Project that she conducted while abroad. Her project focused on the little space provided for Indigenous women during maternity, in a healthcare system that is predominately occidental and often neglects traditional medicine. When she wasn't in classes, you could find her at her favorite restaurant Café Del Mar or hanging out with her host family. Her favorite part of her stay was being able to leave Chile with close friends, great knowledge, and a host family that will be waiting for her with open arms until the next time she comes to visits. Studying abroad was definitely an unforgettable experience. She cannot wait to help students discover that they, too, can do it!

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Autumn holding an umbrella standing in front of the Eiffel Tower

Programs: APA/ Paris (Spring 2018) & CET/ Florence Midyear Program (Fall 2015)

Autumn is a senior majoring in French and Francophone Studies, and minoring in Education Studies and Italian Studies. She studied abroad in Florence, Italy during the fall semester of 2015 with CET Academic Programs, and then again as a junior during the spring semester of 2018 with Academic Programs Abroad in Paris, France. In Florence, Autumn took cultural immersion classes (including a class about Italian cuisine), and one Italian class at a local university - Universite degli Studi di Firenze. When not in class, she enjoyed strolling along the Arno river, watching the gorgeous Tuscan sunsets at Piazzale Michelangelo, and eating as much gelato as humanly possible. In Paris, Autumn studied a variety of different subjects, her favorite being art history, as it allowed her to explore all the incredible art museums in Paris. She also enjoyed picnicking along the Seine, photographing flowers in the park, going to plays at the theater, and teaching English at a local elementary school. She is incredibly grateful for all the lessons she learned abroad, and is excited to help future students discover all that study abroad has to offer!

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Regan holding a Spanish flag at a soccer game

Program: CIEE/ Liberal Arts in Madrid (Fall 2017)

Regan is a senior majoring in Business and IGS. He grew up in London and moved to Massachusetts when he was 9, and has loved traveling ever since. He studied in Madrid, Spain with CIEE the Fall of his junior year and was able to travel fairly extensively during the semester. His three favorite parts of studying abroad were taking four classes in Spanish, emerging himself in new cultures, and making lifetime friends. He can't wait to talk traveling and study abroad with as many of you as possible!

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Ione in front of a beach sunset

Program: SIT/ Madagascar: Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management (Spring 2018)

Ione is a senior double majoring in Environmental Studies and Politics, with a minor in Legal Studies. She spent the second semester of her junior year studying in Madagascar with the SIT Biodiversity and Natural Resource Conservation program. Ione experienced traditional Malagasy life by living with a host family, eating about 5.4 cups of rice per day, and traveling the "Red Island" of Madagascar. She was able to experience all that northern Madagascar has to offer, from bustling urban spaces to protected rainforests teeming with endemic species. Her favorite study abroad experiences include observing lemur behavior in Daraina, snorkeling in the coral reefs of Cap Est, creating connections across language barriers, and carrying out an independent research project of her own design in two rural villages. She discovered a passion for the local language, and also improved her French skills in an academic setting. Study abroad left her with a love for Malagasy life and culture, and she's looking forward to helping to steer other students to discover where Brandeis Study Abroad can take them!

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Karekin in front of an Oxford building
Karekin Johnson

Program: University of Oxford/ St. Peter's College (Academic Year 2017-2018)

Karekin is a senior majoring in Economics and minoring in legal studies. He spent his entire junior year studying abroad in the United Kingdom as a participant in the Oxford University program. In his studies, Karekin was challenged to think in new and creative ways. He had the opportunity to sit with CEOs, speak with former leaders of nations across the world and immerse himself in   student life. In his spare time, he often enjoyed going on pub crawls to explore the ancient city with friends and going to the famous Oxford Union to hear debates and guest speakers. Karekin considers his time at Oxford to be an invaluable experience. He was fortunate to meet and work with fellow students that are certain to do great things in the near future. His time at Oxford was both memorable and transformative, a once in a lifetime experience.

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Izzy standing in front of a view of building in Prague

Programs: Brandeis in The Hague (Summer 2017) & CIEE/ Central European Studies in Prague (Spring 2018)

Izzy is a senior with double majors in International & Global Studies and Sociology and double minors in Social Justice and Social Policy and Business. She studied abroad during the spring semester of her Junior year in the Czech Republic through CIEE Prague. She spent the semester living in an apartment with both other American students and a local Czech roommate. Her classes focused on studying about contemporary Czech history and the 20th century's impact on the current society through the lenses of sociology, film, language, and anthropology. These classes allowed her to learn about history, society, and culture from a very different perspective than she was accustomed to in the U.S. She loved exploring Prague by wandering around, getting lost in alleyways, and sitting outside on top of Vyaehrad (where her classes were located). By becoming close friends with her Czech roommate, she was able to immerse herself in the culture and overall enhance her study abroad experience. She knows that this is a long-lasting friendship that she will be able to have going forward. She cannot wait to help students figure out where they will study abroad!

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Cooper Setterlund

Programs: Brandeis in Copenhagen (Summer 2016) & National University of Singapore (Spring 2018)

Cooper is a senior majoring in Economics and International and Global Studies with a minor in Business. He spent the summer before his Sophomore year in Copenhagen, Denmark, on the Brandeis in Copenhagen Program, and the second semester of his junior year on Exchange in Singapore at the National University of Singapore. His favorite parts about studying in Singapore were that it attracted a very unique group of students from all around the world, and that the country served as a great travel hub for accessing the rest of the region. Outside of his day-to-day life playing soccer, eating fantastic new foods, and wandering around the city, he spent his weekends traveling around the incredibly diverse Southeast Asian and Pacific region. He believes
that his semester abroad were some of the best months of his whole life, and looks forward to helping other students experience the same!

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Carrie Sheng

Programs: Brandeis in Siena

Carrie is a sophomore majoring in philosophy and studio art and minoring art history and legal studies. She studied aboard in the Summer of 2017 in Siena, Italy. She took two courses— Early Renaissance Art in Tuscany from the Age of Dante to the Medici and Painting in Siena. When not in class, she loved exploring Siena going to museums, churches and art galleries. She also enjoyed shopping groceries in local Italian markets and cooking for her roommates. On weekends, she traveled to nearby cities such as Firenze and Pisa, for both art and food. Besides eating pasta and gelatos, her favorite thing to do in Italy is drawing landscapes under the hot Tuscan sun.

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Stephanie standing in front of a view of the Shanghai skyline

Program: Chinese University of Hong Kong (Spring 2018)

Stephanie is a senior majoring in Chemical Biology and Health: Science, Society and Policy. She spent the spring 2018 semester abroad at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in Hong Kong SAR, China as an exchange student. During her time at CUHK, she lived in a college (dormitory) where she befriended both local and international students in her hostel's community. In addition to taking STEM and Hong Kong culture classes, she also took both Mandarin and Cantonese classes, giving her the opportunity to practice her Chinese language abilities. When she was not exploring the diverse landscape or eating delicious food in Hong Kong, she traveled to surrounding countries such as Japan, Thailand and China. Stephanie's study abroad experience was filled with amazing memories, and she is excited to help other Brandeis students plan their adventures!


Katrina sitting at a cafe in London

Programs: Arcadia/ London Midyear Program (Fall 2017) & Yonsei University Summer Program (Summer 2018)

Katrina is a sophomore majoring Economics and Business. She studied abroad in the Fall of 2017 in London, the United Kingdom. She took three courses - Showcasing the Nation, Introduction to Microeconomics, and Introduction to Sociology at Arcadia University and one course - Introduction to Political Economy at City, University of London. She loved visiting museums and shopping on Oxford Street with her friends. She also loved going to SOHO in central London because it gave her chance to explore more about diverse culture there. During weekends, she loved cooking Chinese food with her roommates. She sometimes went to field trips and had a lot of great times with the new friends she met in London. She thinks study abroad was a really unforgettable experience in her life and she can't wait to help students with the study abroad process!

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