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Study Abroad Ambassadors

The Office of Study Abroad is excited to have Study Abroad Ambassadors, recent study abroad returnees, who want to share their passion for studying abroad with you!

Have you ever:

  • Wanted basic advice before meeting with a study abroad staff member?
  • Wondered where you should start?
  • Wanted to hear a student's perspective on studying abroad?
  • Wanted a peer's advice on how to choose your study abroad program?
  • Wanted to speak with someone who has studied in the location you are interested in?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, meeting with a Study Abroad Ambassador is a great step to take, no matter where you are in the process! Ambassadors can be reached via their contact information found below. They host office hours and are available to meet in person or on Zoom throughout the semester.

2023-24 Ambassadors

Allison standing smiling in front of a river in Italy on a sunny day.
Allison Arazi
  • Program: Brandeis in Siena (Summer 2022)
  • Office hours: 12 p.m.- 2 p.m. Fridays in the Office of Study Abroad (Usdan 169)
  • Pronouns: she/her
Allison is a senior studying Psychology and minoring in Legal Studies and East Asian studies. She is originally from Staten Island, NY, but spent the summer abroad in Italy with the Brandeis in Siena program! While she was abroad, Allison took an art history course focusing on Sienese and Florentine art, as well as an oil painting course. Allison was also able to travel to surrounding Italian cities, experience La Biennale di Venezia, and fall in love with Italy in one short summer. Upon returning to the United States, Allison added Studio Art as a third minor, and now finds herself painting in most of her free time! Allison is happy to chat about her time abroad or answer any questions, arrivederci!


Floriesha standing in front of a Korean building in traditional clothing (a pink dress with gold detailing).
Floriesha Bastien
  • Program: Yonsei University (CIEE) (Spring 2023)
  • Office hours: 2-3 p.m. Tuesdays in the Office of Study Abroad (Usdan 169)
  • Pronouns: she/her

Floriesha (she/her) is a senior double majoring in Sociology and Race, Media, and Communication. In her junior year, she studied at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea as part of the CIEE program. At Yonsei University, she was able to study the Korean language as well as study the global phenomenon of K-pop and Korean digital media studies. Within the program, Floriesha was able to attend a K-pop dance class where she learned the choreography of New Jeans Hype Boy, visited the DMZ (demilitarized zone), and met Korean students from colleges around Seoul.

What Floriesha loved the most about Seoul was the lively nightlife, cafe culture, and limitless experiences she was able to embark on. During her time abroad, she secured an internship with CIEE where she wrote blogs on her experiences attending Yonsei as an international student. Also, Floriesha was able to explore cities outside of Seoul. Her most memorable moment was spending time celebrating her birthday with friends in Jeju, an island south of Seoul, where she visited the beach, explore the seafood cuisine, and tasted Jeju’s favored oranges. Most importantly, she was able to continue her journey of learning Korean, seizing every opportunity to put into practice her Korean. Floriesha is eager to share her experiences abroad in South Korea and wishes to inspire others, especially first-generation and low-income students, to embark on their journey studying abroad!

CONTACT Floriesha

Lorena standing in front of an ivy-covered classroom building on the Yonsei campus.
Lorena Castano
  • Program: Yonsei International Summer School (Summer 2022)
  • Office hours: 1-2 p.m. Tuesdays in the Office of Study Abroad (Usdan 169)
  • Pronouns: she/her
Lorena Castano is a senior double majoring in International and Global Studies and Business. She is from Miami, FL and studied abroad in Seoul, South Korea during the summer going into junior year. What she loved most about South Korea was the amazing food, coffee culture, and music. Her favorite foods were bibimbap and naengmyeon. She also visited Busan and the DMZ while she was there and it was an incredible experience. She looks forward to sharing more about her study abroad program, answer any questions and help anyone who has any doubts!

Contact lorena

Cailan sits smiling underneath a tree on a sunny day in Mexico.
Cailan Frink
  • Program: Brandeis in Mérida (Summer 2022)
  • Office hours: 12-1 p.m. Fridays in the Office of Study Abroad (Usdan 169)
  • Pronouns: they/them
Cailan Frink (they/them) is a senior majoring in Biology and Health: Science, Society, and Policy and minoring in Chemistry and Hispanic Studies. They studied abroad in Mérida, Mexico with Brandeis in Mérida's first cohort in Summer 2022. While abroad, Cailan took two classes in Latin American public health systems and visited many local health foundations. Outside of their classes, they enjoyed time with their host family, as well as the beach, nightlife, delicious food, and the Maya culture. They even spent a weekend in Havana, Cuba on the program. Cailan loved their time in Mérida and hopes to visit again as soon as they can!

CONTACT cailan

Ianna stands smiling in front of multicolored letter sculptures that spell Panama.
Ianna Gilbert
Ianna is a senior double majoring in Computer Science and Environmental Studies. For her study abroad experience, she traveled to the beautiful island of Bocas del Toro in Panamá to participate in the School of Field Studies: Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies program. Each of her classes were hosted outdoors and consisted of a hands-on and interactive component which allowed her to expand upon her knowledge of environmental studies. During her time there, she conducted volunteer work to teach students from the University of Chaguinola how to snorkel and completed a directed research project on the health status of coral reefs in the archipelago. In her free time, Ianna took advantage of the opportunities to leave campus and spend time with friends. In doing so, she was able to earn her scuba diving certification and swim with sharks, lionfish, and trumpet fish amongst other marine creatures! In town, she was able to speak with the locals, build connections and improve upon her Spanish speaking skills. When visiting Panama City for a week, she and her family had the chance to experience the Panamanian culture and their taste buds were blessed with the authentic Panamanian food they ate.


Emily stands on one foot with her arm outstretched against a sign that points toward the lagoon, with rolling hills behind her.
Emily McKerrow

Emily is an Environmental Studies major with a minor in Hispanic Studies and Latin American, Caribbean, Latinx Studies. She participated in the Galapagos Institute for the Arts and Sciences program through IES abroad in the spring semester of 2023. During that program, she fell in love with Ecuador. Emily got to experience the rich countryside of the mainland for two months and explore the Galapagos for two and a half months! In Quito, she took hikes with her host mom, hung out with her abuelita, and ate delicious food. During her free time in the Galapagos, she would snorkel, hang out with local friends, and discover new parts of the island! The best thing about living in Ecuador was getting better at Spanish and feeling connected to the people. She hopes to be a helpful resource to those who want to study abroad!


Eben stands smiling against a glass wall; beyond, the cityscape of Tokyo shines at sundown.
Eben Saveson
  • Program: Waseda University (Academic Year 2022-2023)
  • Office hours: 2-3 p.m. Thursdays in the Office of Study Abroad (Usdan 169)
  • Pronouns: he/him
Eben is a senior at Brandeis University majoring in Linguistics and minoring in Computer Science. He attended Waseda University in Tokyo for the academic year 2022-2023 where he continued studying these subjects while also focusing on developing his Japanese language skills. One of the highlight classes from Eben's study abroad experience was a course about traditional Japanese arts and crafts where students took many field trips to various museums and exhibits throughout Tokyo. The best part about studying in Tokyo was discovering the delicious food and amazing culture of the largest city in the world (as well as the rest of Japan), and Eben hopes he can share these stories and experiences with students looking to study abroad in the future.


A close-up of Caroline smiling in a winter hat on a mountain in Nepal.
Caroline Sturgeon
Caroline is a senior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Legal Studies. During her 2023 junior spring she studied gender, development and social change in the Himalaya in Kathmandu, Nepal. She spent the first half of her studies learning Nepali language, living with a host family and participating in classes and guest lectures on patriarchal gender dynamics, rural development and hydropower. In the second half of her semester she worked closely with a child rights organization in the Kaski region, researching the impact of the implementation of extra curricular activities in government schools. Caroline's favorite memory from Nepal is making momo (Nepalese dumplings filled with potato, cheese and masala spices) with her host family in Thini, a rural village in the Lower Mustang region. Caroline is so happy she decided to study abroad and can't wait to share her stories and insight with you!

CONTACT caroline

Weini stands smiling beside her bicycle on a bridge in Copenhagen.
Weini Xue
  • Program: Brandeis in Copenhagen (Summer 2022)
  • Office hours: 12-1 p.m. Thursdays in the Office of Study Abroad (Usdan 169)
  • Pronouns: she/her

Weini Xue is a junior majoring in Economics. Weini attended the Brandeis in Copenhagen program in Copenhagen, Denmark, during the Summer 2022 semester. She spent five weeks in Copenhagen taking classes on microeconomic theory and behavioral economics while exploring the city and learning the history of Denmark.

Outside of academics, Weini enjoyed taking short trips with friends to museums, restaurants and markets. She had a wonderful time studying abroad and learning more about the economics in a different country. The program allowed her to have a global prospective through the cultural immersion, and she would like to share more about her experience with prospective study abroad students!