Study Abroad Ambassadors

The Office of Study Abroad is excited to have Study Abroad Ambassadors, recent study abroad returnees, who want to share their passion for studying abroad with you!

Have you ever:

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, meeting with a Study Abroad Ambassador is a great step to take, no matter where you are in the process! Ambassadors can be reached via their contact information found below; they host virtual office hours and are available to meet by phone or Zoom throughout the semester.

2020-2021 Ambassadors

Tamara in a winter hat and long-sleeved shirt, standing in the snow on a mountainside with her arms wide open.

Program: SIT/ Switzerland: International Studies and Multilateral Diplomacy (Spring 2020)

Office Hour: Wednesday, 1-2pm ET via Zoom

Tamara (she, her) is a senior majoring in IGS and Politics with minors in Economics and Legal Studies. She spent the Spring 2020 semester abroad in Switzerland on an SIT program focused on International Studies and Multilateral Diplomacy. The program had a homestay living style so she lived with one other student and a nurse from a local hospital. Getting to practice her French skills and learn from the locals about their culture and society was one of the best parts of the abroad experience. When not in class she spent most of her time with other students walking around the cities of Switzerland and working in local cafes while also traveling to nearby attractions. Studying abroad in the Spring of 2020 was definitely a unique experience but even though her time abroad was cut short she'd still like to motivate others to take an amazing opportunity to learn and meet new people.

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Anna standing outside holding an animal skull with two horns in her hands, with a view of mountains behind her.

Programs: CET/ Midyear in Florence (Fall 2017) and SFS/ Bhutan: Himalayan Environment and Society in Transition (Spring 2020)

Office Hour: Tuesday, 1-2pm ET via Zoom

Anna (she/her) is a senior majoring in Environmental Studies and Studio art. She is from Hong Kong and spent her freshman fall in Florence as part of the Brandeis Midyear Semester, studying renaissance art history, European politics and Italian. In her free time she traveled around Italy via train and sampled every gelato store in sight! She also spent a week in Poland during her fall break and spent time exploring Warsaw and Krakow. After returning to Brandeis, she decided to study abroad again and attended SFS in Paro, Bhutan, where she studied mountain ecology, political ecology and land management, as well as Bhutanese history and culture. She practiced Dzongkha, went camping under snow-covered mountains, and trekked to historical monasteries. Anna's time in Bhutan was cut short due to COVID-19 but she was still able to complete her research on biological corridors using camera trapping and pugmark studies. Her two wildly different semesters abroad played an important role in shaping Anna's Brandeis experience and she is excited help other students find their own study abroad experience!

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Sydney standing with her left hand on her hip, posing in front of a large stone structure.

Program: IFSA/ Summer Mexico Public Health and Medical Spanish in the Yucatan (Summer 2019) *This program has changed to IFSA/ Summer Internships in Mexico

Office Hour: Friday, 10-11am ET via Zoom

Sydney (she, her) is a junior majoring in Health: Science, Society, and Policy and Biology and minoring in Hispanic Studies. She has always loved Latin culture and medicine, and felt the best way to explore that would be to pursue her major in a Spanish-speaking country. IFSA/ Summer Public Health and Medical Spanish in the Yucatan was the perfect program for her. She was able to better understand the Mexican medical system, but she also had the incredible opportunity to go to Cuba and learn about their medical system. She lived with a host family who spoke no English, so it really immersed her fully in Spanish. When she was not in class, she visited Tulum, Progreso, Campeche, Izamal, Chichen Itza, and Uxmal. One of the best parts of her time abroad was discovering various cenotes (natural underground pools). This program changed her mind to pursuing an MPH to learn how to better provide for people after learning about the public health inequities all over the world. She cannot wait to help other students figure out their program, so they can have as incredible of an experience as she did.

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Aishwarya standing in a winter jacket in front of the grassy green mountains of Scotland.

Program: IFSA/ University of Edinburgh (Fall 2019)

Office Hour: Thursday, 8-9pm ET (7-8pm ET on 2/18) via Zoom

Aishwarya (she/her) is a senior double majoring in Health: Science, Society, and Policy and Neuroscience. Aishwarya is interested in combating systemically-induced health inequities and decided to pursue a study abroad program that analyzed social policies that guide access to healthcare. Aishwarya took classes related to Global Health Economics and Health Management at the University of Edinburgh. Learning about health topics in a different social, political, and geographical landscape allowed Aishwarya to critically analyze universal health issues and evaluate potential solutions. Outside of class, Aishwarya spent her semester away from Brandeis exploring the Scottish countryside, trying different cuisines, and meeting diverse groups of people. Her most memorable part of studying abroad was a three-week long backpacking trip through Central Europe. Aishwarya left her study abroad experience with a greater understanding of global health systems, countless memories of excursions inside and outside of Scotland, and a greater desire to incorporate traveling in her future endeavors. Incredibly grateful for this experience, Aishwarya is excited to help other students explore where studying abroad can take them!

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Sagar standing in the foreground of a picture taken at night, after sundown. Behind Sagar is a black glittery river and a huge, brightly lit palace across the water.

Program: AIT/ Computer Science in Budapest (Spring 2020)

Office Hour: Tuesday, 2-3pm via Zoom

Sagar (he, him) is a senior majoring in Computer Science. He studied abroad at AIT-Budapest, a program for Computer Science majors and minors. He made this most out of his time abroad. He spent a lot of time relaxing in the baths of Budapest and roaming the streets of the beautiful city. While his time was cut short due to COVID-19, he still had an amazing experience and cant wait to help other students find their perfect study abroad program.


Melissa standing in front of brightly colored buildings in Copenhagen.

Program: Brandeis in Copenhagen (Summer 2018)

Office Hour: Monday, 8-9pm via Zoom 

Melissa (she, her) is a senior majoring in Economics, Environmental Studies, and Business. She studied abroad during the summer before her sophomore year in Copenhagen, Denmark on a Brandeis-Led program. Since this was her first time abroad, it really helped to expand her horizons by showing her new parts of the world. She enjoyed the comfort of being with Brandeis students while going through such a new experience. When not in class, Melissa enjoyed swimming in the Nyhavn Canal, visiting museums, and trying new foods. During weekends, she would visit other countries in Europe like Germany and Sweden. Melissa had such a great time abroad that she is excited to help other students have the same amazing experience!

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Arlenne standing on a balcony on a sunny day, holding up two fingers in a peace sign.

Program: CIEE/ Yonsei University (Fall 2019)

Office Hour: Monday, 1-2pm via Zoom

Arlenne (she, her) is a senior triple majoring in Education Studies, Sociology, and International Global Studies. She spent a semester studying at Yonsei University, in South Korea, learning about their education system while also understanding how identity impacts an educational journey. While in Seoul, she was able to travel around the country and into communities and palaces while exploring a variety of spicy and authentic foods. Some highlights from her time abroad were getting lost in Seoul while meeting local Korean friends, visiting places where K-drama's were filmed, and mastering her Korean language skills!

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Anya standing with the city of Siena in the background.

Programs: CET/ Midyear in Florence (Fall 2018), Brandeis in Siena (Summer 2019)

Office Hour: Thursday, 3-4pm ET via Zoom

Anya (she, her) is a junior double majoring in Studio Art and Psychology. During her midyear semester she studied abroad in Florence, Italy. She loved it so much that she decided to go back to Italy to study abroad in Siena with the Brandeis-led program during the Summer of 2019. She learned about Italian Renaissance art and architecture, especially in the context of the city of Siena. She also had the unique opportunity to learn how to paint like the old masters of the renaissance time period. When not in class, Anya loved exploring the museums, gardens, cafés, and just walking through the cobblestoned streets. A couple highlights from her summer include visiting the Venice Biennale to experience the best contemporary art in the world, and witnessing the Palio, the famous Sienese horse race dating back to the 17th century. Apart from eating all the pasta and gelato she could, Anya also developed long-lasting friendships with the other Brandeis students on the program. She is excited to help you do the same!