Transfer Credit

Undergraduate Substitution Requests

The online petition to request substitution for a requirement can be used by undergraduate students who have already declared the major or minor and would like to request any of the following:

  • That a major or minor requirement be met by a course taken at Brandeis University.
  • That a major or minor requirement be met by a course taken outside of Brandeis (study abroad, non-Brandeis Summer School course, etc.). Please note that the course must already be on the student's Brandeis transcript before the petition for substitution can be made.  
  • That a General University Requirement be met by a course taken during a program approved by Brandeis Study Abroad Office. This course must already have been transferred to your Brandeis undergraduate record before the petition can be submitted. 
  • When you upload a course syllabus, you must include:
    • Prerequisites (if there are any);
    • The title and authors of the textbook used (if there is one);
    • The topics of the individual classes (please also upload the course schedule if the syllabus does not show these).
    We need this information to evaluate whether the scope and level of another college’s course are equivalent to those of a Brandeis course."

Transfer Credit Forms