2016-2017 Colloquium Series


Most talks will be in Rabb Graduate Center, Rm. 338 from 3:30pm to 5:30pm unless otherwise noted.

  • Nov. 4th
    Melissa Barry (Williams)
    "Mind-Dependence in Metaethics"
  • Nov. 18th
    Sebastian Rödl (Leipzig)
    "Self-consciousness: some notes on its philosophical significance"
  • March 18th The Philosophy Department's 6th Annual Spring Conference: "Implicit Bias and Social Justice"
    Natalia Washington (Washington U.),"Implicit Cognition and Practical Reason"
    José Medina (Vanderbilt), "Bias and Epistemic Activism"
    and Ben Sherman (Brandeis), "Good Intentions, Moral Bugs, and Mind-Hacks"
  • April 21st
    Tamar Schapiro (MIT)

    The Colloquium Series is supported by the Martin Weiner Fund.