Each week graduate students have the opportunity to present and discuss some of their recent work. Presentations are held at least monthly and as often as weekly, and they typically last one to two hours.

2016-2017 Graduate Student Speaker Series

2015-2016 Graduate Student Speaker Series

2014-2015 Graduate Student Speaker Series

2013-2014 Graduate Student Speaker Series

2017-2018 Speaker Series

Fall Semester

September 22nd
William Phillips
"The Indivisibility of Duration in Spinoza"
September 29th
Kellan Head
"Names and Nominal Titles: Extending the Referential/Attributive Debate"
October 13th
Jacob Caldwell
"Realism in Kant's Aesthetics"
October 20th
Louis Doulas
"Semantics for Skeptics"
October 27th
Douglas Yetman
"A Two-Dimensional Account of Epistemic Safety"

November 10th
Mahala Rethlake
"Aristotle on God and Human Flourishing: A Reply to Nagel"

November 17th
Alexandra Gustafson
"'Love Alters Not': A Theory of Unrequited Love"

December 1st
Casey Rufener

Spring 2018

January 19th
Shay Henckel
"Rights, Justice, and the Permissibility of Punishment"
January 26th
Evan Welchance
"Schaffer and Quine on Fundamentality"
February 2nd
Jeremy Mele
February 9th
Nick Hanson-Holtry
"Meditations on First Metaphilosophy"
February 16th
Louis Doulas and Alexandra Gustafson
March 16th
Maisie Wiltshire-Gordon and Clark Yang
March 23rd
William Grogan and Casey Rufener
April 20th
Dan Friedman

All talks take place in the Danielsen Room (Rabb 338)
from 4pm to 6pm