Shihori Asako '06

Sorry I have not checked my emails for years.
I got arrested for internet trolling last year and the
Miyagi prefectural police and my family lawyer just would not let me use the internet!
I did get my my MA from Sophia University in 2009 studying Japanese intellectual history and went to attend Tohoku University as a research student but things went downhill from there. Actually, things got better, in Confucian rocknroll sense.
I spent the past two years of my life writing obscure poetry and criticizing Japan and masculinity on internet community and the police knocked on my door on July 4th 2015. They said someone from Tohoku University lost his job for my internet comment. I got out after 24 days because my dad paid money to the victim, almost equal to Brandeis annual tuition, but my right to blog has been taken away. 
So that is my update, I guess.

Shihori Asako