Emily Breitbart '13

I grew up in a small town in upstate New York, which meant receiving any sort of Philosophy education wasn’t an option. That’s why, during my very first semester at Brandeis, I took the introductory course with Professor Teuber. From that time on, I knew Philosophy would have to be a major part of my education. I ended up majoring in Philosophy as well as European Cultural Studies, a major which was flexible enough that I could have my Philosophy courses count toward it. Every professor, especially Teuber, Hirsch, and Yourgrau, made a difference in my life and my education. After taking four years of classes in the Philosophy department, I was extremely flattered when I received the Cariana prize for Philosophy. I owe it to my wonderful professors who helped me delve into my own thoughts, biases and ideological leanings and who posed questions and situations completely outside of my usual course of thought. They challenged me to think for myself and come up with answers to impossible questions (which is no easy task!) My work right now is unrelated to Philosophy, but one doesn’t need to work in the field to use the knowledge gained from such a degree. Learning how to think critically and deeply is important no matter what job you take or what field you’re in. That’s why a degree in Philosophy is so valuable.