Matthias Jenny as an alumnus

Matthias Jenny

Matthias grew up in Switzerland and did his undergraduate work in philosophy, economics, and sociology at the University of Zurich. He decided to come to Brandeis to solidify his background in philosophy in order to then apply to PhD programs in the United States.

While at Brandeis, he had the great opportunity to work closely with Eli Hirsch, Berislav Marušić, and Palle Yourgrau. Their courses on physical objects, knowledge, and fiction were deeply enriching and helped him orient himself in the current philosophical landscape.

He also greatly enjoyed taking courses on ethics, epistemology, and philosophy of language with Marion Smiley and Brett Sherman and helping Jerry Samet teach logic. In fact, he has since come back to Brandeis three times to teach Introduction to Symbolic Logic over the summer.

While at Brandeis, Matthias also forged lasting relationships with his classmates with whom he has since visited in their respective new homes all over the United States.

Now that he’s in the PhD program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Matthias focuses on logic, metaphysics, and philosophy of language, writing his dissertation with Vann McGee, Robert Stalnaker, and Stephen Yablo on questions about modality as they arise in the theory of relative computability.

He also greatly enjoys being a teaching assistant at MIT as well as helping with the organization of PIKSI-Boston, a summer institute for undergraduates from underrepresented groups.