Liz Posner

Liz Posner '13

At Brandeis I studied philosophy and history. I completed my senior thesis with Professor Yourgau, who inspired in me a love of Plato and the Greeks. Right after graduation I moved to Memphis, TN to teach high school Spanish through Teach for America. Now I am back in the NYC area, currently doing some freelance journalism. I write news for Bustle, a women's blog, and am looking for full time work. Just today I had an interview with a legal services group in Manhattan, and my interviewer asked me about my favorite philosopher! Otherwise I've been pursuing my love of creative writing. I completed my first novel this summer and am in the process of trying to get it published (and I'd appreciate any connections you may have to the publishing world ;). Life is good, but it's even better when I am constantly questioning it, thus keeping myself engaged in the world around me. So, a hearty thanks to the Brandeis philosophy department for showing me how to think, and for teaching me that I know even less about the world than I thought I did as a freshman.