Ajith Ramanathan ’99

I grew up in Lusaka, Zambia and chose to come to Brandeis because of its good balance of quality of education, proximity to a major city, and excellent financial aid packages.  I really liked Brandeis---friendly, helpful, engaging---and the courses I took with Prof. Yourgrau and Prof. Mairson formed the foundation of my outlook on and approach to life.  I found myself surrounded by smart, challenging, and a multicultural group: some of my friendships have remained as close as ever but I'm on convivial terms with everyone.  I focused on metaphysics and mathematical logic, and I suspect that my fondness for Platonism has much to do with Prof. Yourgrau's outlook.

At present I'm a software engineer with Google via a doctorate in computer science from Stanford.  My last publication was my thesis in 2005 and I've focused on rather more vulgar pursuits since: I traded a monastic life of study and thought at an institution of higher learning for the lure of filthy lucre.