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Course Assistant: PHIL 123B Neuroethics

Office: Rabb 248

Office Hours: Wed., 9:00am -- 10:00am and by appointment


Daniel Friedman

Daniel Friedman, originally from Budapest, Hungary, and now residing in New City, New York, received his BA/MA in Philosophy from Johns Hopkins University. His research interests are in epistemology, metaphysics, and early modern philosophy. Particular interests include: the relationship between inquiry and epistemic rationality, collective epistemology (especially as regards group inquiry), 'disjunctivist' responses to skepticism, 'hinge epistemology,' 'uniqueness' about evidence, ethics of belief, self-knowledge, the relationship between counterfactual accounts of causation and moral responsibility, and the viability of the Principle of Sufficient Reason (as well as the role it might play in guiding inquiry).

When not doing philosophy, Daniel can be found enjoying opera, exploring/traveling (these explorations are often of a culinary nature), cooking, and following his beloved Chelsea FC.

Daniel is the Graduate Student Representative for the 2018 year.

Daniel C. Friedman